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2024 Primary Election Day is May 14th – Races we are watching in Carroll County


Tomorrow (May 14th) is election day for the 2024 Primary in Maryland. Here are some of the races we are watching closely here in Carroll County:

President of the United States:

Candidates we are watching: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2024/Primary_candidates/gen_cand_lists_2024_1.html

Democratic: Joe Biden

Republican: Donald J. Trump

Notes: OK…so this is not going to be all that exciting as it has been determined that these are the two candidates (again) that will face off. Not going to spend much time on these race and just move on to the more interesting races.

U.S. Senator – Maryland

Candidates we are watching: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2024/Primary_candidates/gen_cand_lists_2024_2.html

Democratic: Angela Alsobrooks, David J. Trone

Republican: Larry Hogan

Notes: It is very much a two person race in the Democratic Primary between Alsobrooks and Trone. Up until recently Trone has lead the polling but Alsobrooks has closed the gap and a recent poll has her leading now (but only in one poll). That primary will be interesting to see how it plays out. Hogan is the clear leader on the Republican side and I believe will win by a super wide margin over the other candidates.

Representative in Congress – Congressional District 2

Candidates we are watching: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2024/Primary_candidates/gen_cand_lists_2024_3_2.html

Democratic: John “Johnny O” Olszewski, Jr., Harry Bhandari

Republican: Kim Klacik, John Thormann, Dave Wallace

Notes: This Primary feels like it might already be settled. No one I know is picking against Johnny O in the Democratic Primary. All indications are that Klacik should win the Republican Primary (I believe that name recognition alone should carry her forward). On the Republican side it will be interesting to see how the vote breaks down here in Carroll County (one would think Wallace should do pretty well here as he is the only candidate from Carroll County in the Republican Primary).

Representative in Congress – Congressional District 3

Candidates we are watching: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2024/Primary_candidates/gen_cand_lists_2024_3_3.html

Democratic: Sarah Elfreth, Harry Anthony Dunn, Clarence Lam, Terri Hill, Juan Dominguez, Mike Rogers, Mark S. Chang

Republican: Berney Flowers, Robert J. Steinberger, Joshua M. Morales, Naveed Mian, Jordan Mayo

Notes: The Democratic Primary has a lot of candidates so the final vote totals will be interesting. Most people I listen to think the race is between Elfreth and Dunn but honestly with this many candidates there are a few that could make this a competitive race if they are able to get out the vote. My knowledge on the Republican side of this race is very light and not sure how that race will play out. Flowers seems to have a lot of support here in the county but Carroll County makes up a very small part of District 3 (population of 19,989 out of 771,925 in that District).

Where to vote tomorrow on Primary Election Day:

The Presidential Primary Election is from 7 am to 8 pm on the 14th. To vote in person on election day, vote at your assigned polling place.

The Observer will be publishing results of the races above on Wednesday morning.

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