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2024 Primary – Carroll County Early Voting Turnout – Final Numbers


The Carroll County Observer tracked the early voting turnout daily throughout the 2024 Primary Election (May 2 – May 9). The eight days of Early Voting is now complete in Maryland. Day 8 saw the most votes cast in a single day in Carroll County in the 2024 Primary during Early Voting.

Here is a recap of early voting in Carroll County: By Location

Day 8 total votes cast in Carroll County: 923

Total votes cast through Early Voting: 4,984

  • Westminster had the most Early Voters on each day (2,737 votes cast at that location during early voting).

Of the 4,984 votes cast through Early Voting: Party Breakdown

  • 1,490 are registered Democrats (4.50% of eligible voters)
  • 3,494 are registered Republicans (5.51% of eligible voters)

The 4,984 votes cast makes up 5.16% of eligible Primary voters in the county. This percentage topped the statewide turnout (4.12% statewide).

Carroll County ranked 9th highest in terms of % of eligible voter turnout by jurisdiction in the state for Early Voting.


Note: Voters that are registered as “Unaffiliated”, “Libertarian”, and “No Labels Maryland” in Carroll County are unable to participate in the 2024 Primary. The reason is that there are no “Libertarian” or “No Labels Maryland” candidates on the 2024 Primary ballot and the Board of Education candidates are not on the ballot until the 2024 General Election. As of March 2024 the breakout of those registered voters are:

  • 30,368 “Unaffiliated” registered voters
  • 852 “Libertarian” registered voters
  • 4 “No Labels Maryland” registered voters

History of Early Voting in Presidential Primaries for Carroll County:


  • There were 4,984 votes cast through Early Voting in Carroll County (5.16% of eligible voters)
    • The only eligible voters are those registered as Republican or Democrat in this Primary.
    • Total eligible voters: Republican – 63,461 | Democrat – 33,146

2020: There was no early voting in the 2020 Primary due to COVID


  • There were 5,623 votes cast through Early Voting in Carroll County (4.73% of eligible voters)
    • Total eligible voters: Republican – 62,131 | Democrat – 32,447 | Unaffiliated – 22,540 | Other – 766 | Libertarian – 655


  • There were 1,894 votes cast in Early Voting in Carroll County (1.77% of eligible voters)
    • Note: There were only 6 days of Early Voting in 2016
    • Total eligible voters: Republican – 55,435 | Democratic – 32,467 | Unaffiliated – 17,615 | Other – 873 | Libertarian – 328 | Green – 265

2024 Primary Election Day is Tuesday May 14th.

Do you know where your polling place is? Click this link for more information: https://bit.ly/PollingPlaceSearchMD

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