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2022 Primary Results in Carroll County: Early Voting and Election Day Voting


Update: See the latest vote totals here: http://carrollcountyobserver.com/2022/07/29/final-2022-primary-results-in-carroll-county-after-mail-in-ballot-canvass-2-on-july-29th/

All 50 precincts in Carroll County have reported results from Primary Election Day. Below is a recap of the local election results in Carroll County after Early Voting and Election Day Voting. Other information provided in this article

  • Projected winner in each race based on the current vote totals and expectation of mail-in and provisional votes (this is the opinion of The Observer with the understanding that the final winner will be announced after all mail-in and provisional ballots are counted).
  • Notes about each race
  • Latest Mail-In Ballot counts for Carroll County
  • Schedule of Mail-In Ballot and Provisional Ballot counts

County Commissioner District 1

Projected Winner: Joe Vigliotti

Note: The 577 vote lead by Vigliotti is probably large enough to make the projection he will win this race at the end of all votes being counted.

County Commissioner District 2

Projected Winner: Kenneth A. Kiler

Notes: The current lead held by Kiler was a bit of a surprise (I expected this race to be a lot closer than this) and is probably large enough to hold after mail-in ballots are counted.

County Commissioner District 3

Projected Winners: (R) Too Close To Call , (D) Zach Hands

Notes: This is the one Commissioner race with a Democratic candidate running so we will have an active General Election contest after the Primary. The 139 vote advantage for Gordon over Herbert makes this race too close to call at the moment and we may have to wait until the end of the month (see schedule below) for this primary race to be decided.

County Commissioner District 4

Projected Winner: Michael R. Guerin

Notes: Guerin winning this race was not a surprise at all. He was the only active candidate running in District 4 and he pushed hard all the way through Election Day.

County Commissioner District 5

Projected Winner: Ed Rothstein

Notes: Ed Rothstein was the one current County Commissioner running for re-election in 2022. He holds a significant enough lead today to project as the winner of this race.

Carroll County State’s Attorney

Projected Winner: Haven Shoemaker

Notes: This was a race on the radar of many in the county. Shoemaker has a sizable enough lead today to currently project as the winner in 2022.

Carroll County Board of Education

Projected Winners: Battaglia, Dorsey, Jozkowski, Miller, Scanlan and Whisler

Notes: Six candidates move forward from the Primary to the General (with 3 that will be elected to the Board of Education). When Speert withdrew from this race back in June it was pretty clear which six candidates would move forward. The Observer will have more detailed analysis of this race after mail-in votes and provisional votes are counted.

Senate District 5

Projected Winner: Justin Ready

Notes: Ready is running unopposed in the Primary and General so not much to talk about here for this race.

Delegate District 5

Projected Winners: April Rose, Chris Tomlinson, 3rd seat too close to call

Notes: April Rose is running for reelection so it is no surprise seeing her get the most votes at this point. Tomlinson was brought onto the District 5 team (with Ready and Rose) so him having the second most votes is also not a surprise. The race now is really for that third seat in the District. Taylor and Bouchat are close enough in votes to make this race too close to call and will likely we may not know until late in the month who wins this 3rd seat in this district. Wantz and Willens had strong showings and would need a significant number of mail-in votes over Taylor and Bouchat to get back in this race.

Senate District 42

Projected Winner: Chris West

Notes: District 42 is new for Carroll County and the largest part of the District resides in Baltimore County. Chris West is running for re-election in 42 and had a sizable money advantage over the other two candidates in this race.

Here is a look at the County Breakdown of votes for the candidates:

Notes: West won in Baltimore County and Carroll County. Tomlin had a decent number of votes in Carroll County (coming in second in this county).

Delegate District 42C

Projected Winner: Joshua J. Stonko

Notes: This was a bit of an underwhelming race (I say that as a resident of this new Delegate district) but Stonko has a sizable enough lead to project him winning this seat in 2022.

Reminder: all projected winners are the opinion of the Carroll County Observer at this time based on current vote totals and the expectation of mail-in voting and provisional voting counts in the county. Final results and winner will not be announced until later this month (see schedule below).

Mail-In voting totals as of July 18th (the latest data on the State Board of Elections website this morning):

Notes: The important number The Observer is watching will be to total number of Republican Mail-In Ballots returned (currently 2,708 countywide). The Republican ballots will decide the too close to call races noted above.

You can track updates to these numbers here: https://results.elections.maryland.gov/press_room/2022_stats/Absentees%20Sent%20and%20Returned%20by%20County.pdf

Upcoming schedule for counting Mail-in Ballots and Provisional Ballots in Carroll County

Mail-in Ballot Canvass 1
Thursday, July 21, 2022 at 10:00 am

Provisional Ballot Canvass
Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 10:00 am

Mail-in Ballot Canvass 2
Friday, July 29, 2022 at 10:00 am

This information is on the front page of the Carroll County Board of Elections website: https://elections.carrollcountymd.gov/Default2.aspx

The Observer will post updates after the Mail-in and Provisional canvassing numbers are released.

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