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2022 Carroll County Voter’s Guide – Senate District 42


Carroll County Voters Guide

Senate District 42

Primary Results:

Primary Candidates

Jimmy Mathis

Party: Republican

Campaign Website: http://givemejimmy.com/

Social Media Channels:

Email Address: info@givemejimmy.com

Candidate Information / Statement:

Jimmy Mathis has been a lifelong resident in Baltimore County. He has been one of the loudest voices for constitutional conservatism in the area via his radio program on WBAL NewsRadio 1090. Jimmy has also spoken to countless Republican clubs over the years making the case for religious and individual liberty, property rights and limited government. As a child, Jimmy had a passion for flying ever since he could first walk. It was a love that would land him in the aviation history books before he would hold a Maryland state driver’s license.

For his 15th birthday, Jimmy received three flying lessons. It was a gift that would lead to the adventure of a lifetime. During the summer of 1994, months after his 16th birthday, Jimmy departed from the Ocean City municipal airport on a quest to become the youngest American to pilot an aircraft solo (no one else on-board) across the United States of America. Twelve days and 2,500 miles later, he successfully landed in Long Beach, CA. It’s a record that he still holds today.

Shortly after returning home, while attending Towson Catholic High School, Jimmy began an internship at WBFF television in Baltimore, Maryland. It was an internship that quickly became a full-time job. Two years after starting his employment as a photojournalist, Jimmy won his first of two local Emmy awards. His first Emmy would be for WBFF-TV and the second for WBAL-TV. Subsequently, he would work in Washington D.C at the local Fox affiliate covering local and national politics, and eventually covering the NFL where he would win his third Emmy.

In addition, Jimmy began to focus on creating and producing original television programming through his company Mathis Productions. These shows aired on several of the broadcast stations here in Baltimore. Jimmy eventually found his way to the other side of the camera, hosting and contributing to a variety of news and sports programs in both Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. For the last ten years, Jimmy has been a voice for conservatism on radio and television. He has been unapologetic when it comes to promoting conservative ideals and America’s founding principles.

Carroll Media Center Candidate Profile:

Zach Tomlin

Party: Republican

Campaign Website: https://www.zachtomlin.com

Social Media Channels:

Email Address: zach@zachtomlin.com

Candidate Information / Statement:

Zach Tomlin was born on May 7th, 1984, in Carroll County Maryland. He currently resides in Hampstead with his wife and their blended family of five children.

Zach comes from a long line of small business owners. Most notably Kibler Excavating in Finksburg. He learned a lot about business, hard work, empathy, and the importance of giving back to the community by spending time with his grandfather, David. Zach often refers to his grandfather as being the one of the most, if not most influential person in his life.

Throughout his time in school, Zach struggled. He was considered “At Risk” but with the help of a youth program developed by the Mid-Maryland Workforce Development Board, he was able to meet the requirements necessary to graduate from high school.

Years after he graduated from high school he was diagnosed with ADHD. He understands what it is like to be neurodivergent.

Zach would later go on to be politically appointed as Vice-Chair of the Mid-Maryland Workforce Development Board and then appointed as the inaugural Chair of the Carroll Workforce Development Board, on which he serves today.

At age 26, Zach formed Tomlin Technology. The company is in its 12th year of business and has won many awards. Zach is a well-known expert in the fields of Information Technology and Cybersecurity.

Zach has been strongly involved in our community for a long time. His compassion for serving is well known and documented. He has done too much to be condense into a short biography. For more information, search “Zach Tomlin” in Google or visit his website at www.zachtomlin.com

Carroll Media Center Candidate Profile:

Chris West

Party: Republican

Campaign Website: http://www.SenatorChrisWest.com

Social Media Channels:

Email Address: chris@senatorchriswest.com

Candidate Information / Statement:

When I announced my candidacy for State Senate in 2018, I made a number of promises, all of which I have kept.

I repeatedly promised to oppose any new or higher taxes. I have steadfastly kept this pledge. This year, I voted in favor of a bill to stop automatically increasing the State’s gas tax each year by the amount of inflation. Unfortunately it failed. With my support, several tax cuts did pass: Income tax relief was extended to retirees; sales taxes were eliminated for medical devices, and I helped pass a bill to allow counties to offer property tax credits for veterans, first responders and public safety professionals. I promised to support our police, and I fought against every one of the anti-policing bills that collectively broke the back of police morale across the State during the past year. I promised to continue my strong support for the State’s small businesses. I have kept this promise throughout my four-year term, and I have been rated very highly by the State’s business advocacy groups. I promised that I would do everything I could to prevent another round of gerrymandering. Both in committee and on the floor of the State Senate, I criticized the maps crafted by the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission. Instead, I supported the maps drawn by the non-partisan Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission. In my current district, I promised replacement schools for Towson and Dulaney High schools. After considerable hemming and hawing, the Baltimore County Executive agreed to move forward on new schools. I also promised to protect our environment and have done significant work to clean up our air by eliminating the burning of coal in Maryland to generate electricity.

Candidate Interview:


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