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Carroll County Delegation members send letter to SHA about the proposed intersection changes to MD 140 and MD 91 in Finksburg


The following letter was sent to the State Highway Administration, District 7 office from the Carroll County Delegation Members (State Senator West, State Senator Ready, State Delegate Stonko, State Delegate Rose, State Delegate Tomlinson, and State Delegate Bouchat)

Re: Maryland 140 at Maryland 91 Intersection Improvement Project

Dear Mr. Kraus,

Several of us had the opportunity to attend the open house on September 14 relating to this project. Suffice it to say that the open house was a bit of a disaster — the room was far too small and was packed with unhappy people who had no real opportunity to express their views in a cogent fashion. The one common element at the open house was the near unanimity of the attendees that the SHA’s proposed plan for the intersection doesn’t work.

Might we suggest a way forward. First, SHA should form a small workgroup of local citizens to work with SHA on this project. Former County Commissioner Richard Weaver is highly respected, attended the open house and would be available to serve on such a workgroup. Several others who attended the open house, including a current County Commissioner, a local business owner and two or three local residents could fill out the workgroup.

Another public forum should be scheduled, this one in a location where ample seating is available. Each attendee should be given up to two minutes to address the SHA project staff and the members of the workgroup. Then, once interested citizens have had an opportunity to voice their views. SHA and the workgroup should work together to come up with a consensus solution to the problems associated with the intersection.

We offer to make ourselves available as necessary to consult and offer ideas in pursuit of this goal.


View the full letter from the Delegation members here:

A local workgroup would be a wonderful idea…and I would be happy to serve on that workgroup if the opportunity presented itself in the future (just putting that out there).

Here is a video showing how the traffic pattern will change at 140 and 91 in Finksburg in the current proposal (for those that have not seen it yet):

As of this article (September 26th) a second meeting date and location has yet to be announced for the changes to MD 140 and MD 91. Once a meeting is scheduled and announced the Observer will publish that information to the various social media channels and website.

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