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The Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration has initiated a project on MD 140 at MD 91 in Finksburg for intersection changes


The Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) has initiated a project (CL18251) on MD 140 at MD 91 for intersection improvements.

As you can tell from the title of this article I changed the word “improvements” to “changes” as I have a feeling that local residents will not see this project as an improvement.

Additional details from MDOT about this project:

“This project is currently in the Design phase.
The Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration (SHA) has initiated to improve safety and intersection operations on MD 140 at MD 91 in Finksburg, Carroll County.

This project will eliminate left-turn access from westbound MD 140 onto southbound MD 91. A new turning movement will be constructed on westbound MD 140 at Michele Brauning Drive. The new traffic configuration will direct motorists to use Michele Brauning Drive to connect to southbound MD 91.

The project also includes new bicycle lanes along MD 140.

Construction is expected to start in 2024 and take one year to complete.”

See additional details here: https://mdot-sha-md140-at-md91-cl1825187-maryland.hub.arcgis.com/

You can also find additional details starting on page 28 of this document: https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/media/12473/carroll-county-transportation-corridor.pdf. On page 37 of this document…this can be found:

“In the westbound direction, queues to access the jug handle may extend back to and through
the MD 140/MD 91 intersection during the PM peak, which would result in delays similar to existing
conditions. Along MD 91, queues and delays would lengthen, especially for the southbound approach. In
summary, the proposed jug handle would improve operations for the eastbound approach during both peak
hours and for the westbound approach during the AM peak hour. The northbound and southbound
approaches would have moderately longer queues and delays than under existing conditions, but volumes
along MD 91 are much lower than along MD 140.”

There is a schedule meeting about this project on September 14th from 6pm to 8pm at the Library in Finksburg:

Here are some comments made on social media made after folks saw this flyer about the project:

  • This is awful. We live off Rt 91 and routinely make that turn. Thanks for the heads up because we definitely haven’t seen anything about this.
  • That is ridiculous!
  • Interesting, where the state is putting a road for a “Jersey Jughandle” the county would not let a small business guy use there reason: it IS NOT A ROAD! I guess that state says it is now!
    What a joke!!
  • We making our roads like New Jersey now? That is just gonna cause MORE traffic, not alleviate what is already a nightmare during rush hour
  • First off I NEVER use the jughandle coming the other way to turn left onto 91 coming from Westminster. I go up to the next street and make a left. So i STILL make a left but where there is no light. That is exactly what people will do now. Or the poor people off Kays Mill or Old Gamber will see more traffic from people avoiding it!!
  • Isn’t that intersection messed up enough already?!
  • I’m bad with directions- is this if I am coming from reisterstown/795 towards Westminster and want to turn left from 140 onto 91 towards the food lion? There is already a left turn light/lane there. Why change it?
    • yes. Exactly. Apparently its one of the busiest intersection in Carroll. It will cause a sh*t show.

I have seen local residents reaching out to Carroll County Commissioner Kenny Kiler for his thoughts (and assistance) on this project as well as Maryland State Delegate Josh Stonko (from District 42C). These elected officials represent residents in that area and input from those elected officials would be nice.

If either (or any other) elected officials make statements about this project The Observer will be sure to share those with our followers.

I (Scott Ewart) plan to attend the meeting on September 14th and voice my opposition to this plan. If it is possible, I will attempt to LIVE STREAM that meeting on Facebook on the 14th for followers.

I also plan to see if the Finksburg Planning and Citizens’ Council Inc. plan to make any type of statement about this upcoming project. If they do I will be sure to share that with The Observer followers and readers.

Update: Video recorded on August 29th explaining the proposed plan:

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