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Moms For Liberty in Carroll County announces endorsements in the 2024 Board of Education race


Many entities and elected officials are likely to weigh in on the local Board of Education (BOE) Race in 2024. The local chapter of Moms for Liberty in Carroll County has already made endorsements for the BOE race: Greg Malveaux and Kristen Zihmer

Greg just recently filed to run on August 29th (learn more) while Kristen has not filed to run yet (although that filing is expected next week on the first day of school for CCPS).

While I respect all entities right and ability to endorse candidates in any political race…I am a bit taken back by these endorsements more than 5 months before the filing deadline (February 9, 2024) without knowing the full field of candidates for Board of Education in 2024.

To me…this seems odd to jump out this early. And to be clear…this is not a dig on these candidates…they may be great…but why jump out with endorsements so early is a legitimate question that should be asked by community members.

I am curious…what are your thoughts on these endorsements from Moms for Liberty this early in the process?

Let me know in the comments (here or on social media)

To keep up with candidates running for Board of Education in Carroll County be sure to check out the candidate tracker from The Observer.

2024 Carroll County Board of Education Candidate Tracker

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