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CCPS removes the 53 books under review from circulation in the media centers until the entire reconsideration process is complete


In recent correspondence from Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Cynthia McCabe (dated August 14th) relating to the 53 books that have been submitted for reconsideration within the CCPS system:

This correspondence is regarding your recent request for reconsideration of a book in the CCPS media center collection. I are writing to inform you that I have decided that for the 53 books presently under review, including your request, I am directing staff to remove the books from circulation in our media centers until the entire reconsideration process, including the appeal stages, is complete.

Upon reflection, I have reached the following conclusions. Our reconsideration process was designed for a scenario where a single or a few books are submitted for review. We are now in an unprecedented place where 4X books are under reconsideration at one time. Already we have acknowledged that we may be unable to meet the timeline in our guidelines given this unprecedented volume. Also, we are transitioning from one reconsideration committee, whose term is ending, to a new reconsideration committee, whose term is beginning, which further presents challenges. Finally, it is evident to me from public feedback and public participation at Board meetings that the topic of the specific books under reconsideration is of great interest to our community among members of differing viewpoints.

As Superintendent, my primary focus is to ensure the successful opening of our coming school year for our 25,000 students. I do not wish for the books under review or the timing of the reconsideration process to be a distraction from that effort. Therefore, I have made the decision to remove the 4X books presently under reconsideration pending the complete reconsideration process. Please know that my decision in this instance with these 53 books should not be considered a permanent change to practice.

Thank you for your continued interest in our school system and for your support in educating your student.

Cynthia A. McCabe, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools

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See image of the correspondence here:

To see a list of the books submitted for reconsideration…view the article below (I do not think this is the full list of 53 books. If/when I get an updated list, I will update this article)

Books submitted to Carroll County Public Schools “for reconsideration”

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