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Where are the FY24 Adopted Budget documents in Carroll County?


Commissioners in Carroll County approved the FY24 budget a week ago on May 25th. On May 26th Carroll County Government sent out a press release about the approved budget noting that the documents would be “will be available for public viewing on the county’s website soon”.

Now the press release stated the “proposed FY2024 Budget” documents would be available soon which I am guessing was a mistake as the proposed budget is not what was approved by the Commissioners (example: the proposed budget documents still list the recordation tax increase which we all know now did not happen in the approved budget).

It has been a week since the approval of the budget in Carroll County and the documents (as of the morning of June 1st) are still not online for review by the public.

Here is a video made this morning on this topic with some additional details and thoughts:

The Observer will continue to check back on the County Government website for the final release of the FY24 Budget in Carroll County.

You can watch for the release of the budget document here: https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/government/directory/management-budget/bureau-of-budget/budget-documents/fy-24-budget-process/


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