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Carroll County Delegation members are scheduled to attend the Republican Central Committee Annual Legislative Breakfast on April 22nd


The 2023 legislative session is complete and the State Senators and State Delegates that represent Carroll County are scheduled to attend an “Annual Legislative Breakfast” hosted by the Carroll County Republican Central Committee on April 22nd at the Winfield Fire Hall.

According to the flyer (see below) State Senators Justin Ready (District 5) and Christ West (District 42) will be attending…as well as State Delegates Josh Stonko (District 42C), April Rose (District 5), Chris Tomlinson (District 5) and Eric Bouchat (District 5).

There is a cost to attend the event: $45 per person, $85 per couple or $320 for a table of 8.

Here is the complete flyer for the event:

The Carroll County Observer is scheduled to attend and cover the event for our community (and there may be at least one other local independent news entity coving the event).

This is an opportunity to hear from the legislators that represent our county on what went well and what did not during this past legislative session.

Some questions I have thought about for the elected members attending the event:

  • House Bill 879 and cross filed Senate Bill 733: Carroll County – County Commissioner Districts – Alterations – This bill passed in the Senate but did not make it out of committee in the House – why not?
    • This was one of two local bills that did not pass (the other being: SB0897: Carroll County – Contracts and Purchasing
  • Senate Bill 845 (cross filed with HB 933): End–of–Life Option Act (The Honorable Elijah E. Cummings and the Honorable Shane E. Pendergrass Act) – This legislation did not make it out of committee in the House or Senate. Why do members in the legislation oppose this legislation?
  • House Bill 359: Education – Interscholastic and Intramural Junior Varsity and Varsity Teams and Sports – Designation Based on Sex (Save Women’s Sports Act) – This legislation failed…so what can be done to protect women’s sports going forward in our state?
  • House Bill 119 and cross filed with Senate Bill 199: Primary and Secondary Education – Comprehensive Health Education Framework – Established – After a MAJOR change to this legislation, it passed in the House but stalled out in committee in the Senate (thank goodness). What can Carroll County residents do to help prevent such overreaching legislation related to education in the future?
  • Some legislators seem to be better at providing information and updates to the community than others…how do we get better communication from all members of the delegation to the people they represent in regards to what is happening in Annapolis?

Those are just a few questions I have that I hope can be addressed by our elected officials at the event or in the near future.

Do you have questions for our elected officials about the previous legislative session…let me know in the comments.

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