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Gas prices in Carroll County Maryland are rising – The Observer restarts Weekly Gas Price Tracker


If you have driven by a gas station around the county recently you may have noticed the price of gas has begun to rise again.

Historically, retail gasoline prices tend to gradually rise in the spring and peak in late summer when people drive more frequently. Gasoline prices are generally lower in winter months. (source)

The Observer has tracked the price of gas in the past for our readers and now that prices have eclipsed $3.50 per gallon and are likely to continue to rise, we will begin our weekly tracking of gas prices for Carroll County and across Maryland.

Here is a look at current average gas prices on April 15th (per the AAA website):

  • Maryland: $3.612
  • Carroll County: $3.580
  • Highest jurisdiction in the state: Montgomery County at $3.677
  • Lowest jurisdiction in the state: Allegany County at $3.498

Here is a look at average gas prices in Carroll County over the past week (note – we only began watching the numbers over the past 3 days…a full 7 day local view will be available next week)

Date Carroll County
4/13 $3.569
4/14 $3.573
4/15 $3.580

The Observer will publish the “Carroll County Gas Price Tracker” weekly with the information above and additional information of interest on this topic. The Gas Price Tracker will remain active as long as average price remains above $3.50 per gallon in the county and across the state.

For some recent history…here is a look at average gas prices in Maryland over the past 18 months (via Gas Buddy):

Here is a 36 month view of average prices in Maryland:

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