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Carroll County Board of Education Race Likely To Be Decided Today


The Carroll County Board of Education race in 2022 is likely to be decided today (November 16th). It is the opinion of The Observer that Tara Battaglia will be reelected the the Board of Education and Steve Whisler will win the second seat in 2022…so the race at this point looks to be (at least in my opinion) for the third seat this election cycle. That currently is a close race between Jim Miller and current Board of Education member Patricia Dorsey (Jim holds a slight 111 vote advantage over Patricia as of today).

Per communications from the Carroll County Board of Elections on November 15th:

Tomorrow, the final breakdown is as follows:

  • 1,124 provisional ballots will be presented to the board for acceptance in full or part
  • 11 provisional ballots will be presented to the board for rejection
  • 3,639 mail-in ballots will be canvassed
  • There are a lot of ballots that will need to be duplicated, so it will be a full day of canvass starting at 9am with staggered lunch breaks as we did last Thursday
  • As it stands now, there are less than 400 mail-in ballots left for the final canvass on Friday.

After the first mail in ballot canvassing (that happened on November 10th) this is the current vote totals / standings in the Board of Education race:

Placing the candidates in order before the votes are counted today:

  • Tara Battaglia: 32,461
  • Steve Whisler: 30,806
  • Jim Miller: 27,827
  • Patricia Ann Dorsey: 27,716
  • Amanda Jozkowski: 25,797
  • Tom Scanlan: 23,593

Given the votes scheduled to be counted today (4,763) and the votes remaining right now after today (around 400) I do not see a path to election for Tom Scanlan or Amanda Jozkowski. Amanda currently trails Steve Whisler by more than 5,000 votes and I do not expect her to obtain more votes than Patricia Dorsey in the counts today (of course that will not be official until the votes are counted today).

After the first 10,558 mail in votes were counted:

  • Patricia Dorsey received 6,096 votes (or more than 57% of potential votes)
  • Jim Miller received more 2,133 votes (or more than 20% of potential votes)

If those percentages hold true after the vote counting today it is likely that Patricia Dorsey will move into the 3rd spot in this election.

Of course until all votes are counted The Observer will make no official call in the race.

Once the final results are online (see here) after today The Observer will post an election update for the followers.

See all results for the 2022 General Election in Carroll County here: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2022/general_results/gen_results_2022_by_county_7.html

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