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14,633 voters in Carroll County have now requested to vote by mail in the 2022 General Election


The Observer continues to track mail-in voting in the 2022 General Election in Carroll County, Maryland as we approach Early Voting (just 22 days away on October 27th).

Reported back on September 29th “More than 11% of registered voters in Carroll County have requested to vote by mail as of September 27th” there were 14,470 requested mail-in Ballots. That number has now increased to 14,633 as of October 3rd.

Here are some details about the requested mail-in ballots to date:

Total Mail-In Ballot Requests for Carroll County: 14,633


Total Mail-In Ballots received as of October 3rd: 0
Total Mail-In Ballots sent as of October 3rd: 14,233

Per this report:

  • 6,831 Democrats have been sent mail-in ballots
  • 4,969 Republicans have been sent mail-in ballots
  • 2,433 Other registered voters have been sent mail in ballots
  • No ballots have been returned as of October 3rd


Per the latest Monthly Voter Registration (via the State of Maryland Board of Elections) there are 128,865 registered voters in Carroll County:


So that means…11.35% of all registered voters have requested to vote by mail in the 2022 General Election (at this point).

If you look back at the Primary Election in July…Carroll County had:

  • 128,369 registered voters (View Data)
  • 14,035 voters had requested to vote by mail in the 2022 Primary (View Data)
    • 9,747 votes were cast by mail (View Data)…so 69.4% of mail in votes requested were returned.
  • Vote by mail (requests) represented 10.93% of registered voters in the 2022 Primary

Vote by mail numbers should continue to increase between today and the cut off date: November 1st is currently listed as the Ballot Request deadline (ballots delivered by mail or fax).

The Observer will continue to track mail in ballot requests as these will play a SIGNIFICANT role in the 2022 General Election (as they did in the 2022 Primary).

For more information on local candidates…be sure to visit:

For those wanting to vote early (to avoid potential long lines on election day) instead of mail-in voting be sure to check out this resource of information about when and where to vote in Carroll County:

2022 Carroll County Maryland Voter Guides

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