Guerin, Vigliotti confirm stance against return to mandates for employees: ‘Your choices are yours’

New Carroll County Commissioners Mike Guerin and Joe Vigliotti both recently confirmed their position against a return to mandating masks and COVID vaccines for county government employees, a view that contrasts with the policies of the previous Commissioners who were comparatively hawkish on the measures that have since proven to be damaging and ineffective.

Johns Hopkins accused of denying gender-affirming surgery to trans-woman who was ‘being aggressive’

The Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender and Gender Expansive Health is being accused of discriminating against a black-trans woman who says she was denied a requested gender-affirming surgery from the Center, according to a recent report from The Baltimore Banner

First books reviewed by CCPS to be retained, but now Media Director appears reassigned

Carroll County Public Schools’s Reconsideration Committee is in the midst of reviewing more than 50 books after a series of book removal requests were submitted as part of an effort organized by the local Moms for Liberty chapter. The Reconsideration Committee was designed to review only a couple books at a time, not 50. Because of the volume of removal requests and public feedback on the issue, on August 14th, School Superintendent Cynthia McCabe decided to remove all the books at issue from circulation in school media centers until the entire review and appeal process could be completed.

Domotor resists appointments of CAMO members to town commissions in Mt. Airy

In Mt. Airy, Councilman Stephen Domotor resisted the appointments of Heather Wallace to the town’s Planning Commission and Sean Kelly to its Board of Appeals, because of the pair’s affiliation with the community activist group known as Citizens Against Mt. Airy Overdevelopment (CAMO), a grassroots organization formed to moderate a series of ongoing residential and commercial development projects that may permanently change the landscape and character of the small town.

Jozkowski, Zepp speak out against book removals requested by Moms for Liberty

Amanda Jozkowski, Ronald Zepp, and Gary Foote were among those who on Wednesday during a Board of Education in meeting in Carroll County, spoke out against a series of book removal requests previously submitted to Carroll County Public Schools through an effort organized by the local Moms for Liberty chapter, which maintains the books at issue depict graphic sex or rape, making them age-inappropriate for school students.

‘Media bullshit’: Jason Aldean thanks sold-out Merriweather crowd for seeing through it

Right before singing “Try That In A Small Town” at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia on Thursday night, Jason Aldean thanked the sold-out crowd for “seeing through a lot of the media bullshit” surrounding what became the #1 country song in America after the establishment press collectively maligned the tune about small town values as being racist. Watch:

Baltimore’s biggest country music station suppressing Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town”:...

93.1 WPOC, Baltimore’s biggest country music station & its second rated radio station overall, is measurably suppressing what has been the #1 song in America, Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town”, according to public data visible on the local iHeartRadio affiliate’s website

Where Dan Rodricks can find fascism and censorship in Carroll County

Dan Rodricks, a Baltimore Sun columnist who’s won journalism awards for reporting on social injustice, thinks Carroll County is a fascist Trump county guilty of MAGA censorship. He said so on Twitter last week, when after sharing an article by the Carroll County Times describing how local moms asked Carroll County Public Schools to remove 39 books from school libraries because they depict graphic sex or rape, he reacted bemoaning how “The fascists are everywhere” as he labeled Carroll “#TrumpCounty”.

Sykesville “filled with immense pride” during 4th of July weekend parade

Addressing families & on-lookers with a microphone in hand, Mayor Stacy Link said Sykesville was “filled with immense pride” during the small town’s ‘Let Freedom Ring Parade’ at Main Street on Saturday July 1st. It was the second year in a row the much publicized LGBT Mayor invoked the progressive buzzword during the annual parade meant to celebrate the American revolution.

Trump outshines DeSantis at Moms For Liberty national summit in Philadelphia

Was at the Moms For Liberty National Summit in Philadelphia on Friday. After seeing Trump & DeSantis up close, my main takeaway was this: Trump stole the show and it makes DeSantis look overmatched. Last year it was DeSantis who was the toast of the Summit in Tampa after co-founding Moms & fellow Floridians Tiffany Justice & Tina Descovich awarded the Governor a “Liberty Sword” for his success liberating students in the sunshine state from lockdowns & woke ideology while championing the emerging parental rights movement nationwide.
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