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Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department sounds the alarm about the proposed budget in Carroll County


The following information is from Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department posted on April 23rd:

HELP! We are sounding the alarm for the public’s assistance. The County Commissioners are proposing a budget that will reduce the staffing at Winfield. Meaning we will no longer have a paid engine driver available 24/7. The paid engine driver is a critical position that will quickly affect our community, and our ability to provide services.

We need you to write the commissioners and demand the county fund an engine driver 24/7, as we have had for the past 4 years.

Here are the emails of the county commissioners:

If you prefer to call, here is the number to county office building.

Please share and repost, also write or call before the budget is adopted, and we have reduced emergency services in our district. We will notify you when there is a public hearing scheduled so that we can let them know how important Fire and EMS are for the community.

Thank you for your assistance and always supporting the Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department!


Carroll County Government presented the FY25 Proposed Budget to the Commissioners on April 23rd. You can view the presentation here on YouTube:

As of the morning of April 24th the proposed budget documents are not available to the public on the County Government Budget page for this fiscal year: https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/government/directory/management-budget/bureau-of-budget/budget-documents/fy-25-budget-process-documents-presentations/

The Observer will have additional details about the budget once the proposed budget documents are released to the public.

You can find the Carroll County Observer on these social media platforms:

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