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Carroll County man claims $250,000 – winner of five $50,000 Maryland Lottery Pick 5 prizes


Player Fortifies Retirement Nest Egg with Quintuple Pick 5 Win

“I’m feeling better than ever,” said an elated Manchester resident after claiming $250,000 in Pick 5 prizes at Lottery headquarters this week.

Wednesday was a perfect day, he told Lottery officials. After he and his wife got up early and ran errands, they took time to place five Pick 5 bets before lunch time. Hours later, he was the winner of five $50,000 Pick 5 prizes.

The delivery driver bought his tickets at Sheetz #177 in Manchester. He doesn’t play Lottery games often, but after checking old winning Pick 5 numbers on the Lottery’s website, he felt inspired to play. He was so struck by the numbers 1, 9, 2, 6 and 3 that he decided to place a $1 straight bet on the numbers five times.

Later that day, he was napping before being abruptly awakened by his wife. She was flustered, having already learned of the lucky win and couldn’t wait to tell him the fantastic news.

Being at the twilight of his career, the Carroll County resident said retirement is coming more into focus, making his $250,000 prize even more relevant. When asked of his plans for his windfall, the happy husband told Lottery officials that the prize will go toward his retirement nest egg.

Sheetz #177, located at 3281 Main Street in Manchester, gets to collect five $500 bonuses from the Lottery for each $50,000-winning ticket sold.


Location of the Sheetz #177 in Manchester:


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