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The average price of gas in Carroll County jumps nearly 13 cents from February 27th to March 7th


It is good to check in on the price of gas from time to time (especially in this current economy). The last time The Observer reported on the average price of gas in Carroll County and Maryland was back on February 27th. In that article there were some positive signs. It is fair to say that 9 days later the numbers (price of gas) have gotten worse.

Back on February 27th the average price of gas in Carroll County was $3.229. Today on March 7th the average price of gas in the county is $3.356 (nearly a 13 cent per gallon increase in 9 days).

Back on February 27th Carroll County had the lowest average price of gas of any jurisdiction in the state. Today, Carroll County ranks 7th lowest average price behind Cecil, Kent, Garrett, Queen Annes, Caroline and Worcester counties.

The average price of gas across the state of Maryland was $3.319 back on February 27th and today it is $3.385 (nearly a 7 cent increase in 9 days). Additional details of statewide prices in the past:

  • Yesterday: $3.378
  • A Week Ago: $3.314
  • A Month Ago: $3.187
  • A Year Ago: $3.271

(note: I wish I had this same tracking data by jurisdiction but the AAA website only provides that tracking for the statewide averages) 

You can view the details on the AAA website here: https://gasprices.aaa.com/?state=MD

Obviously these gas price fluctuate a great deal and The Observer will continue to monitor these prices for our readers.

According to Gas Buddy on the morning of March 7th here are the five lowest gas price  locations in Carroll County:

  1. Citgo in Keymar: $3.15
  2. BJ’s in Westminster: $3.17
  3. Carroll Motor Fuels in Westminster: $3.17
  4. High’s Dairy Store in Westminster: $3.19
  5. Citgo in Westminster: $3.19

Of note: The range of the five lowest gas prices back on February 27th was $2.99 to $3.09.

View the current Top 10 Gas Stations & Cheap Fuel Prices in Carroll County, MD per Gas Buddy here:  https://www.gasbuddy.com/gasprices/maryland/carroll/1285

The list above from Gas Buddy seems a bit limited so let us know the price of gas in your area of the county in the comments on social media (see below for links)

Looking forward….this article from AAA might be a good indication of what is to come soon with gas prices:


Gas Prices Creep Ahead of Potential Leap

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