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Former Governor of Maryland Bob Ehrlich scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a local Board of Education candidate event in Carroll County


It is rare for the Observer to write about upcoming events (especially events that cost money to attend). That being said, there is a political event happening tomorrow that I thought worth mentioning to the community.

Former Governor of Maryland Bob Ehrlich is scheduled to headline an event for a candidate running for Board of Education in 2024 (Kristen Zihmer): “Beat The Winter Blues An Evening Of Dinner And Drinks With Bob Ehrlich“. Here is a look at the promotional flyer for the event:

Now the RSVP period has ended so I do not see this as a promotion of the event…but more so an acknowledgement of the fact that a former Governor of Maryland will be the keynote speaker for a candidate running for Board of Education (not something you see on a regular basis).

A little background about the former Governor: Bob Ehrlich is a lawyer and politician who served as the 60th governor of Maryland from 2003 to 2007. A Republican, Ehrlich represented Maryland’s 10th legislative district in the House of Delegates from 1987 to 1995 and Maryland’s 2nd Congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003

Kristen Zihmer is one of four candidates running for Board of Education in Carroll County in 2024 (others running this cycle are Greg Malveaux, Amanda Jozkowski, and Muri Lynn Dueppen). There are two open seats this year on the Board (Donna M. Sivigny and Marsha B. Herbert are both term limited) so none of the four candidates will show up on a ballot until the 2024 General Election in November.

Kristen Zihmer already holds a financial advantage over the other candidates in this race (or at least she did as of the January 2024 campaign financial reporting deadline):

One would have to think that this event will be a significant money maker for the local candidates campaign for BOE.

The Observer has been invited to this event to cover it for the community and if I am up to it tomorrow evening I may be out taking photos / videos for the community (how often do you get a former Governor or current Governor of Maryland at events here in Carroll County).

The event tomorrow will be held at Winfield Fire Hall:

To learn more about the candidates running in 2024 be sure to check out this Carroll County Board of Education Candidate Tracker:

2024 Carroll County Board of Education Candidate Tracker

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