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Delegate Kathy Szeliga from Baltimore County has proposed HB47 – Fairness in Girls’ Sports Act

From Twitter account for Kathy Szeliga (@KathyforMD)

Delegate Kathy Szeliga (District 7A) from Baltimore County held a press conference yesterday (January 31st) about HB47: Education – Interscholastic and Intramural Junior Varsity and Varsity Teams – Designation Based on Sex (Fairness in Girls’ Sports Act)

Here is a video clip from the press conference:

“This bill is simple, House Bill 47 it’s about fairness for girls and it’s about protecting our girls on the field and in the locker room…”

If passed, the bill would not impact collegiate sports team. Its effects are limited to high school junior varsity and varsity teams, as well as intramural teams. However, the proposed law would require private schools whose teams compete against public schools to keep biological males off girls’ sports teams.

Other Delegates that have sponsored this legislation in the House include: Arikan, Chisholm, Fisher, Grammer, Hutchinson, Kipke, R. Long, Mangione, McComas, Miller, M. Morgan, T. Morgan, Munoz, Nawrocki, Schmidt, and Tomlinson

Note: Chris Tomlinson represents Carroll County (District 5)

Here are links where you can view and track this legislation:

Fox 45 (Baltimore) captured the entire press conference and you can view it here (around 20 minutes long):


AI generated content (neutral) on the topic:

The Fairness in Girls’ Sports Act is a proposed law that would restrict transgender athletes from participating on girls’ and women’s sports teams. The supporters of this legislation argue that transgender girls, especially those who went through some of male puberty, have physical advantages from higher levels of testosterone that could enable them to outperform cisgender girls. Opponents counter that such bills are discriminatory and would prevent many transgender youth from participating in school sports with their affirmed gender. They also argue there is insufficient scientific evidence of consistent performance advantages for transgender athletes. The debate highlights complex issues around fairness, inclusion, and gender identity in youth sports. Reasonable people can disagree on where to draw the line between supporting transgender rights and ensuring safety and competitiveness for cisgender female athletes. Further research and thoughtful discussion is needed to find policies that balance the interests of all students.


Here are some of the social media posts related to this legislation and press conference:







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