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DMV Gunners earn third consecutive win by knocking off the two-time defending MASL3 Champions


The DMV Gunners (from Carroll County) picked up win number three on the season this past Saturday (January 27th) by knocking off the two-time defending Major Arena Soccer League 3 (MASL3) champions Northern Virginia Football Club (NoVa FC) by a score of 11-3.

Here is a breakdown of scoring (and assists) for the Gunners from that match:

  • Rene Quintanilla (Marcos Garcia Jr.)
  • Vilius Matalavage
  • Matt Yingling (Edgar Godoy)
  • Jamal Coleridge
  • Edgar Godoy
  • Jason D’Addario (Jamal Coleridge)
  • Matt Yingling (Gavin Shiels)
  • Manny Ruiz (Vilius Matalavage)
  • Gavin Shiels
  • Vilius Matalavage (Gavin Shiels)
  • Edgar Godoy (Vilius Matalavage)

Here is an article on the MASL3 website about this game: DMV GUNNERS CONTENDERS AFTER WIN AT NOVA FC

The Gunners are now 3-1-0 on the season and currently sit in second place:


The Gunners only loss of the season (so far) was to undefeated Philadelphia Spartans back in December:


The Gunners return to Carroll County this Saturday (February 3rd) with a rematch against NoVa FC:

You can learn more about the DMV Gunners on their website: https://www.dmvgunners.com/


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