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A look at the legislation proposed by Delegate Eric Bouchat that would Force Charter Government in Carroll County and throughout the state


Informed Carroll County has recently been writing about legislation that is being proposed by Delegate Eric Bouchat (from District 5) related to Charter Government (HB0081). Here are those articles:

Delegate Looks to Annapolis to Force Charter Government in Carroll: READ HERE

Delegate Responds to Criticism of Bill to Mandate Charter Government: READ HERE

I thought It would be a good idea to put out a copy of the actual legislation proposed by Delegate Bouchat here on The Observer website. Here is a copy of the legislation available online:

You can view the PDF version (if that is an easier read) HERE

I have my own personal views of this legislation:


My thoughts on Delegate Eric Bouchat has introduced legislation that would require Carroll County to adopt charter government, the same form of government used by densely populated, Democratic-controlled counties such as Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s. See article on Informed Carroll County wrbsite. #carrillcountymd #maryland #mdpolitics #politics #localgovernment #ericbouchat

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This will be something followed by The Observer throughout the 2024 General Assembly session (January 10th – April 8th).

I am curious…what are your thoughts about this legislation or bringing a form of Charter Government to Carroll County? Let me know in the comments (here or on social media)

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