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District 42A Delegate Nino Mangione announced his campaign for State Senator


Delegate Nino Mangione (District 42A – Baltimore County) made the following announcement on social media today (June 26th):

“I was so honored to have more than 250 people with me as I announced my campaign for State Senator. It was so great to have family, friends and supporters with me on this great evening. We had people from Baltimore County, Carroll County and other friends from across Maryland. Thank you to everyone!”

Since Delegate Mangione is in District 42 we can assume that he is launching a campaign for State Senate in District 42 (seat currently held by State Senator Chris West representing Baltimore County and Carroll County).

The rumor is (and at this point I can only say it is a rumor because I have not personally seen any type of official announcement) that State Senator West will not be running for reelection in 2026. I think the announcement by Delegate Mangione adds a little more confirmation of that rumor.

If anyone else has seen an official announcement from State Senator West about his plans for 2026…send those my way (news@carrollcountyobserver.com).

I have heard rumors of others possibly entering the State Senate race in 2026 if State Senator West does not run…including a rumor about another current Delegate…but nothing official to post here today.

2026 is a long way off…and I will remain focused on the race(s) in 2024 for Carroll County residents…while keeping an eye on 2026 when new information comes my way.

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