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Will Carroll County get a six month moratorium on solar energy generating systems in the Agricultural Zone?


Solar systems in Carroll County is a big local topic right now. There is a proposal for a six month moratorium in Carroll County on the processing, review, permitting, and construction of community solar energy generating systems in the Agricultural Zone.

On February 23rd the county hosted a Public Hearing on the topic of the proposed moratorium.

There was a lot of testimony supporting the proposed moratorium…and this was one from a resident I wanted to share that I believe many in the county would agree with…

There was also a lot of testimony opposing the moratorium…especially from the “solar industry” folks…but this was testimony from a resident and business owner here in the county I found interesting…

And finally…

In the latest Weekly Podcast…this week from Commissioner Kiler…he gives listeners a little information…and maybe a look at where he might be leaning on this issue.

I feel like I might know where 3 of the Commissioners are leaning on this topic….not sure about the other two of them at this time.

It will be a very interesting vote when this comes up on the agenda in the future.

Stay tuned….The Observer will be watching and will put out more information across our social media platforms as this moves forward.

You can watch the full “Community Solar Moratorium Public Hearing February 23, 2023” here: (be warned…it is more than 2 hours and 48 minutes long)

You can listen to the full Podcast dated February 26th from Kenny Kiler here:

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