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Final 2022 Carroll County Early Voting Turnout Numbers


The eight days of early voting in Maryland came to an end yesterday (November 3rd).

Here is a recap of early voting in Carroll County through day 8:

Total votes cast in Carroll County through day 8: 14,211

  • Westminster had the most early voters (7,334 votes cast at that location)
  • The turn out numbers on day 8 (Thursday) was the most of any day which tracks with what we have seen in past elections.
  • The 2,929 votes cast on day 8 countywide is the highest single day early voting in a General Election (beating out the 2016 vote count on day 8 of 2,797 votes cast).
  • There have now been more votes cast in Early Voting than in Mail In Voting (at least for now) in Carroll County. See additional details on mail in voting below.
  • Election Day is November 8th

Of the 14,211 votes cast during early voting:

  • 4,028 are registered Democrats
  • 142 are registered Green, Libertarian, WCP or Other
  • 8,086 are registered Republicans
  • 1,955 are registered as Unaffiliated / Independent

The 14,211 votes cast to date makes up 11.14% of eligible voters in the county. This percentage continues to top the statewide early voting % turnout (9.26% statewide)


Fun Fact: Of the jurisdictions in Maryland with over 100,000 eligible voters…Carroll County has the third highest percentage of early voters to eligible voters:

  1. Harford County: 11.90%
  2. Howard County: 11.57%
  3. Carroll County: 11.14%
  4. Baltimore County: 9.91%
  5. Charles County: 9.83%
  6. Anne Arundel County: 9.58%
  7. Prince George’s County:  8.71%
  8. Montgomery County 8.31%
  9. Frederick County: 8.18%
  10. Baltimore City: 5.67%

Obviously mail in voting has likely changed how many people come out and vote early. The question that should be asked…do we still need 8 days of early voting now that we have a significantly expanded mail in voting system in Maryland? Something to think about for the future.

Looking back at the past 3 Gubernatorial elections:

  • 2018: 16,929 total votes cast through early voting in Carroll County (2 early voting locations)
  • 2014: 8,016 total votes cast through early voting in Carroll County (1 early voting location)
  • 2010: 5,210 total votes cast through early voting in Carroll County (1 early voting location and only 6 days of early voting that year).

Here is a look at mail in voting for the 2022 General Election as of November 3rd (the latest information available):

Total votes cast to date by party affiliation (Early Voting + Mail In Voting):

  • Democrats: 9,355 votes cast
  • Republican: 11,818 votes cast
  • Unaffiliated / Independent, Green, Libertarian, WCP or Other: 3,822 votes cast

Eligible Active Voters in Carroll County: 127,605 | Total Votes Cast To Date (Mail In + Early Votes): 24,995 | Voter turnout so far: 19.6%

Here is the latest total voter turnout (focusing on the 10 largest counties in the state of Maryland) as of November 3rd:

Carroll County ranks:

  • 5th in Mail In Voting turnout: 8.45%
  • 3rd in Early Voting turnout: 11.14%
  • 3rd in Overall Voter turnout: 19.59%

The Observer will continue to watch and report on the Mail In votes returned up to Election day. Be sure to follow The Observer on Facebook for the latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/CarrollObserver

General Election: November 8, 2022, 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Learn more: https://elections.carrollcountymd.gov/Default2.aspx or here: http://carrollcountyobserver.com/2022-carroll-county-maryland-voter-guides/

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