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Today is the final day of Early Voting in the 2022 Primary; Carroll County on pace to set all time high votes cast during early voting in a Primary


Today is the last chance for Early Voting in the 2022 Primary (polls are open from 7:00am to 8:00pm) in Maryland. While early voting numbers may be down statewide, Carroll County has been seeing increases over past Primary early voting numbers.

Through day 7 of Early voting in Carrol County in 2022: 4,978 official early votes have been cast (per the State Board of Elections website). Here is a look at past Primary elections through day 7:

  • 2020: n/a due to COVID-19
  • 2018: 3,985 votes cast through day 7
  • 2016: 4,526 votes cast through day 7
  • 2014: 3,598 votes cast through day 7

Historically Day 8 has the highest turnout for early voting. Expect to see a lot of candidates and supporters working the polling locations today through 8:00pm this evening.

The Observer will provide additional details on early voting data and mail-in voting data for Carroll County and a few other locations (as a comparison) tomorrow morning.

If you need information on early voting locations check out this article:

Need more information on local candidates:

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