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Candidate Campaign Finance Reports – June 2022 | Carroll County State’s Attorney


The Carroll County Observer continues the reporting of candidate campaign finance reports from local candidates. Today I have for you the latest campaign finance reports for candidates running for Carroll County State’s Attorney.

Here is a high level overview of the Pre-Primary 1 reports filed in June 2022:

Here are some specifics for each candidate:

David Ellin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WHZx91lRu_vQwGegpKBNYYz3H7plZA6K/view?usp=sharing

Haven Shoemaker: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CU37M0FStjVig8gG4NRZCSh00Y7fFjBB/view?usp=sharing

Some interesting facts in the reports:

Ellin raised the most money: $22,770.00

  • Of the money raised listed in “Contributions” was a single contribution from the candidate (David Charles Ellin) of $15,000.

Ellin spent the most money: $25,540.51

Shoemaker had some interesting expenditures on his report:

  • $9,000 of “In-Kind” contributions from businesses for billboard donations
  • $512.40 of an “In Kind” contribution for polling from Maryland State Senator Justin Ready
  • $250 transfer to Friends of Steve Whisler (candidate for Board of Education in Carroll County).

Shoemaker has the most money on hand: $18,192.41

Not being a campaign finance expert…a couple of transactions on the reports raised some questions today:

  • For David Ellin: Should the $15,000 “Contribution” actually be listed as a candidate loan similar to that noted in July of 2021?
  • For Haven Shoemaker: The $1,000 “Contribution” from Bucknel for Delegate – the way that is listed on the report would make me think this is a transfer from the political account instead of an individual contribution…so should that not be listed in Schd 1A Col E (MD Candidate and Slate Account)?

Learn more about the candidates:

2022 Carroll County Voter’s Guide – Carroll County State’s Attorney

The Carroll County Observer will be releasing the Maryland State Senate District 42 candidate campaign finance reports soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Scott – to clarify- a candidate can loan their campaign money which is with the expectation it will be repaid at some point. Note Shoemaker has around $50,000.00 in loans to his campaign outstanding since approximately 2014. The other option is that the candidate contributes to their campaign with no expectation of being repaid. David forgave his loan in 2021 meaning he no longer expects it to be repaid.

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