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Katie Speert withdraws from the Carroll County Board of Education race in 2022

Image from video message on Katie for Carroll Facebook page

Katie Speert (candidate for Carroll County Board of Education in 2022) posted a video message today on social media (Facebook) where she announced that she will be withdrawing from the race for Board of Education.

Here is that video message:

Noted in the video message: Together We Own It has a chance to receive funding though a partnership the school system. Katie Speert is the Executive Director of the Together We Own It organization. Katie felt like this funding would provide a conflict of interest and as such has left the race for Board of Education in 2022.

Katie also announced that as of today she is founding the Carroll County Education Foundation. An organization serving students, teachers and schools with a mission to strengthen education in Carroll County through advocacy, investment of resources and innovation.

As a reminder…although Katie will not be actively seeking this office in 2022 her name will be on the ballot:

View the ballots for Carroll County residents here: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2022/primary_ballots/Carroll.pdf

This announcement makes the active candidate list running for Carroll County of Education the following:

  • Tara Battaglia
  • Patricia Ann Dorsey
  • Amanda Jozkowski
  • James Miller
  • Pat Sands
  • Tom Scanlan
  • Steve Whisler

View additional information about the candidates here:

2022 Carroll County Voter’s Guide – Board of Education

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  1. This woman is a radical left-wing extremist. She wants total control over YOUR kids to jam her social engineering indoctrination into each public education students veins. She is scary! Although she has dropped out, the teachers union has their candidates. Reject them and vote for the BMW team. They are the hope of our school system.

    • Marvin you are the scary one. You are supporting a group of right wing extremists that make Speert look middle of the road. At least her organization actually helps kids. If BMW had been on the BOE during COVID we would have had a lot of sick kids because no one would have been using masks.

      • Masks are nothing but a show for people who are scared. The left is ruining this country so fast and you must be blind if you don’t see that.

        • Weird how Asian countries have always masked up when there are outbreaks of any virus and it helps reduce spread. But, you, Joe nobody with no experience in epidemiology or public health, know more. This is where American exceptionalism and slowly defunded school systems get us.

  2. Kelli, masks are nothing but a show to help these scared people feel better. Stop living in fear and lose the masks. Democrats are ruining this country so fast and it’s terrifying.

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