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A Look At Active Voter Registration in Carroll County – April 2022


The State Board of Elections periodically compiles voter registration statistics for the State of Maryland. The Observer has taken a look at the voter registration data for Carroll County since 2019 and compiled this chart for the voters (and I am sure candidates for office would be interested in this information):

Some notable items in this data:

Active voter registration in the county is lower from January 2022 to April 2022 (-547)/

Active voters that registered as Republican has decrease since January 2019 (-621). Active voters that registered as Democratic has risen since January 2019 (+1,005).

Republicans fell below 50% of all registered voters in the County between January 2021 and January 2022 and currently stands at 49.64% as of April 2022.

Independent voters (or “unaffiliated”) has risen each year since 2019 and currently stands at 22.33% of all registered voters in the county.

You can view the data from the state here: https://elections.maryland.gov/voter_registration/stats.html

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Maryland has closed primary elections. You must be registered with either the Democratic or Republican party to vote in the primary election. If you are not a registered Democratic or Republican voter, your ballot will only have the Board of Education contest. For more information about closed primary elections, click here.

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