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News for Carroll County on February 9th


There were a number of news stories for Carroll County on February 9th and most of them I did not have time to write up on the Blog today…so I thought I would go with a summary post with links for the Blog followers in Carroll County:

Items reported out or shared on Carroll County Observer social media channels:

Carroll County Sports Results from February 8th

See the post here: https://twitter.com/jag523/status/1491251932643880966?s=20&t=Oy7BWqboQn-PXs-hzvHEeA

Carroll County ranks 3rd in Maryland in COVID-19 “Fully Vaccinated” at 71.28%

76.441% with “At Least One Dose”


See the post here: https://twitter.com/CarrollObserver/status/1491350627292966918?s=20&t=Oy7BWqboQn-PXs-hzvHEeA

Free Admission until end of March at the Carroll County Farm Museum.

See the post here: https://twitter.com/CarrollCoMD/status/1491381856935235591?s=20&t=Oy7BWqboQn-PXs-hzvHEeA

Carroll County Board of Education meeting today at 5:00pm. 

See full agenda here: carrollk12.org/boe/BoardShare

Here is a look at the latest CCPS COVID-19 data on the dashboard:

CCPS Positive Totals down to 339 (from 488)

Quarantine Only down to 130 (from 141)

See the dashboard here: ext.carrollk12.org/ExternalDashbo

See the post here: https://twitter.com/CarrollObserver/status/1491484440408870917?s=20&t=Oy7BWqboQn-PXs-hzvHEeA

The Board of Education of Carroll County will be meeting at 5 p.m. this evening. Watch the livestream at https://bit.ly/2LqUJ2I.

See the post here: https://twitter.com/CCPSk12/status/1491457677155004416?s=20&t=Oy7BWqboQn-PXs-hzvHEeA

OK…I think that is enough for one day. I may do more of these summary posts between now and the 24th of February.

Do you like the summary posts as a quick summary of items I noticed throughout the day for the local community? Let me know in the comments.

Scott E

Be sure to follow the Carroll County Observer social media channels for the latest news in Carroll County:

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