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Kenny Kiler files to run for Commissioner in Carroll County in 2022


On February 7th current Carroll County Board of Education member Kenneth A. Kiler (Kenny Kiler) filed to run for Carroll County Commissioner in District 1. Here is that filing:

I believe that after the redistricting maps are final that Kenny Kiler will actually be running in District 2. You can enter the address noted above and see that it will fall into District 2.


Note: District 2 is the district I live in so this filing is of particular interest to me.

There is a website noted in the filing but it is not operational as of this morning. The Facebook page noted in the filing still says “Kenny Kiler for Carroll County Board of Education” so the candidate has some work to do there as well.

Looking at District 2 right now…there is one other candidate as of this morning:

  • (R) Dave Reese, Sr.

The filing deadline is February 22nd so I would not be surprised to see additional candidates before it is all said and done.

I will keep an eye on new filings and announcements and continue my weekly reporting on Friday mornings. You can track local filings here: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2022/primary_candidates/gen_cand_lists_2022_1_by_county_7.html

One thing to keep in mind…the districts candidates are filing in today may not be the ones they actually run in this election cycle. Here are some examples:

  • Kenneth A. Kiler: Filed in District 1 but I believe that he will actually be running in District 2
  • Marsha B. Herbert: Filed in District 1 but I believe that she will actually be running in District 3
  • Ray Fava: Filed in District 4 but I have been told by the candidate that he expects that he will be running in District 1

Until the redistricting is final and the Board of Elections site is updated it might be a little difficult to know exactly who is running for what seat in 2022.

Scott E

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