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Highlights and Heated Moments from Carroll County FY25 Budget Work Session on May 21st


The Carroll County Commissioners held their final scheduled FY25 Budget Work Session on May 21st. In the video above (on on YouTube) are some highlights and heated moments from that meeting.

Final FY25 budget adoption is currently scheduled for Thursday, May 23rd. The final version of the adopted budget is not expected to be online (HERE) until after the budget is approved. What is online today does not capture all of the changes made throughout the Budget Work Session process.

That should be an interesting vote (on the 23rd) considering some of the decisions made by the Commissioners on Tuesday:

  • Removing the proposed Property Tax increase
  • Moving forward with the Recordation Tax increase
  • Using one time funds to balance the budget
  • Removing the “conditions” related to new funding for Carroll County Public Library
  • Adding more spending on May 21st into the FY25 budget

Those top three items alone could cause some Commissioners to rethink moving this budget forward (Observer Opinion).

You can watch the full meeting from May 21st HERE.

Stay Tuned!!!

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