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Vote on Carroll County FY25 budget with multiple taxes increases fails; Another work session scheduled for May 21st


On May 16th during the Carroll County “FY25 Adopted Budget Work Session” a motion was made to pass the budget with two tax increases (Property tax and Recordation tax). That motion failed by a vote of 2-3. Commissioners Kiler and Rothstein voting yes while Commissioners Vigliotti, Guerin and Gordon voted no.

The two tax increases currently on the table for FY25 are:

  • Recordation Tax increase from $5.00/$500 to $6.50/$500, generating approximately $4.2 million per year
  • Property Tax increase from $1.018/100 to $1.038/100, generating approximately $4.8 million per year

Commissioner Vigliotti proposed a change that would leave in the Recordation tax increase but remove the Property tax increase for FY25. Vigliotti attempted multiple proposals to find funding by removing current one-time funded projects, reallocating some department budgets or by using existing unallocated funds. There was no official vote taken on a motion for these approaches or to formally remove the property tax increase on May 16th.

Commissioners have decided to hold an additional Work Session meeting on Tuesday April 21st starting at 9:00am. Commissioners are expected to come to a decision about the the final FY25 budget on that date.


There was significant discussion about taxes and the budget on May 16. You can watch that discussion on the County Government YouTube channel (starting at the 1:34:52 mark of the video on YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/live/npuIKO0WxzY?si=eZG3ZYl67ihUNzgt&t=5692

Observer Note:

I know watching these government meetings at times is as much fun as watching paint dry. That is not the case with this discussion about the Property tax increase on May 16th. Some Commissioners became very heated and upset about just having this discussion that late in the process. Honestly it is as close to a reality TV show as you get with local government discussions.

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