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Carroll County Residential Broadband Updates as of February 27th


Several broadband projects are occurring or planned throughout Carroll County at this time:

1. Antietam Broadband is expanding broadband in Carroll County

This is not a Carroll County Government project.  Antietam is conducting this project without any involvement from the county regarding funding or management. The county’s involvement relates to the permitting process for utilities to use county rights of way. Carroll County issued Permit # 23-0203 for the work.

Flight Fiber by Antietam Broadband will be available in Carroll County this year

Complaints and/or Questions

If you have questions or concerns regarding construction or the project, please contact Antietam’s Project Manager Ken Galvin – at 667-387-9570

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact Jay Uebel – Carroll County Government Broadband Project Manager at 410-386-2309 or juebel@carrollcountymd.gov.

2. Quantum continues to expand broadband in the county

  1. Sullivan Road is completed
    The Sullivan Road grant consists of expanding service to 80 homes on Sullivan, Beggs, Old Bachman’s Valley, and Fridinger Mill roads. This project is complete, and Quantum is installing service to homes. Contact Quantum if you live on one of these roads and would like service. https://www.qis.net/ or 410-239-6920.
  2. The Neighborhood Connect Grant includes the roads Gorsuch, Shiloh, Gablehammer, Broadbeck, and Hoffman Mill. Primary backbone network construction is completed on these roads. The next phase will be connecting fiber to households.  Contact Quantum now to get on the installation list.  qis.net or 410-239-6920.
  3. Quantum Future Network Infrastructure Grants 22 & 23
    These grants bring internet service to a little over 3000 homes in Taneytown, Union Bridge, New Windsor, parts of Lineboro, Silver Run, Keysville, Trevanion, Hoods Mill, Pleasant Valley, and Deep Run.
    These two grants are currently in the engineering phase and are scheduled to break ground in late March and April.  The plan is to complete both projects approximately 1 year from construction. Quantum has until 2025 to complete NIG22 and 2026 to complete NIG23.  More details will be provided once construction begins. To see a more detailed view of the areas covered by these grants go to the county’s broadband map at Carroll Broadband Map.
    Use the search function in the upper right to enter your address to see if it is covered by these grants.

3. Comcast Neighborhood Connect

Includes the roads Halter, Garret, and Kriders Schoolhouse. This project was completed in January 2023.  Contact Comcast if you live on one of these roads and would like service. www.xfinity.com.

4. Starlink

Starlink is a low-earth orbit satellite system.  Being in low-earth orbit, the service is capable of higher speeds, lower delay, and fewer weather-related issues compared to other satellite providers.  Starlink is a private company that recently opened in Carroll County for service. For more information, go to the Starlink website at www.starlink.com.  Starlink ships the equipment to you for self-installation.

Other Related Information:

  1. Carroll County Broadband Map

The county created a broadband map consisting of homes with current internet service, homes in granted areas with the name of the grant, and those homes not currently served or expected to be served by a grant.

Click on the link to view the map.  Enter an address in the upper right “Search Address” box to find information about an address’s status:

Carroll Broadband Map

A look at the map showing properties without Broadband access in the county

Chrome books

Carroll County Government is excited to announce a partnership with the Carroll Technology & Innovation Council to distribute 5,000 free HP Chromebook laptop computers to eligible Carroll County residents. The laptops include instructions for set up and internet access.

Eligible residents can receive a computer while supplies last at a distribution event, or through a distribution partner organization, until the end of April 2024. Eligibility information, distribution partners, and distribution event dates and appointments can be found on the Carroll Technology & Innovation Council website at Free Computer. Appointments are recommended. Additional distribution events and locations will be listed on the site as they are announced.

These devices are available as a result of a grant awarded to Carroll County through the state initiative Maryland Connected Devices Program under the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.  This initiative strives to deliver internet service to every household in Maryland

  1. Long Driveway Hard to Connect Program

The county submitted a grant application to the state for the FY24 Home Stretch – Difficult to Serve Properties Grant. The county has not yet received any notification of an award, but the application is pending, with information expected sometime in late spring. This grant will assist homeowners with driveways longer than a provider will connect “for free” as part of installation.  To be eligible, a provider must currently pass the long driveway home with its service. The grant will provide up to $14,000 to connect homes that qualify.   To prepare for this grant, the county is asking those interested to complete the county’s Broadband Survey and answer “yes” to the survey question about the long driveway. Leave your name, full address, phone number, and email address when asked.   If and when the grant is awarded to Carroll, all those answering yes to the long driveway question will be notified by email.  A press release will also be published.

Click here to take the survey.
Broadband Survey



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