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Carroll County Sheriff’s Office will be increasing speed and stop sign enforcement efforts along Bandy Avenue in Eldersburg


From Carroll County Sheriff’s Office – Maryland on February 22nd:

In response to an increased concern from the residents along Bandy Avenue in Eldersburg, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office will be increasing our speed and stop sign enforcement efforts in this area as well as other areas where we receive regular traffic related complaints. Motorists are reminded that Bandy Avenue is a posted 25 mile per hour roadway that runs through a residential neighborhood. When driving, vehicle operators should be aware that adults and children may be occupying the roadway while riding their bikes, walking, or running. Additionally, motorists are reminded that according to the Maryland motor vehicle law, “the driver of a vehicle approaching a stop sign shall STOP at the near side of the intersection”. The penalty for violating this law is $90 and 1 point. A “rolling” or “California” stop is not permissible under the law and is considered a violation.

We care about our residents and the citizens who visit Carroll County. Our goal is to promote a safe and vibrant community where people can enjoy all of what Carroll County has to offer. Please slow down, pay attention, and obey the traffic laws on our roadways.


Here is that area: Bandy Avenue in Eldersburg


Here is the original announcement on February 22nd:

You can find the Carroll County Observer on these social media platforms:

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