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Taneytown Mayor Christopher Miller has terminated the appointment of the City Attorney


The following information is from Mayor Christopher G. Miller, Taneytown on November 13, 2023:

Public Announcement — City Attorney

Today, I come forward to communicate a decision of significance for our city’s future. Effective Sunday, November 12th, I have terminated the appointment of our City Attorney, Mr. Jay Gullo. This decision was a pivotal step in fulfilling my commitment to challenge established norms and foster a culture of transparency, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to the collective welfare of our community. We appreciate Mr. Gullo’s years of service to our city and believe this change will greatly benefit our community’s future.

This is not a decision that I take lightly and one that I have been weighing since becoming Mayor in May. I have weighed the opinion of those around me, residents of Taneytown and elected officials around the State, before I came to this decision. One of the key points of my term here as Mayor has been to shift away from the, “this is how we’ve always done it” and to conduct ourselves in a matter that is aligned with our Code and Charter, the same standard that we hold our residents to.

This transformation of our legal department, emphasizes the importance of an unbiased relationship between the City Attorney’s office and the City Council, centered solely on the legal interests of Taneytown and movement towards conducting city operations in alignment with the City Charter & Code.

The daily services provided to our residents will not be impacted by this transition. City operations will continue as normal, always with the best interests of our residents at the forefront. For the interim, state municipal resources will be utilized to ensure that city operations and legal affairs continue without disruption. Our steadfast commitment to you, our residents, remains paramount.

The search for a new City Attorney is underway. We are focused on finding a candidate who exemplifies professionalism and impartiality, dedicated solely to the legal wellbeing of our city. This process involves reaching out to qualified municipal attorneys across the state, ensuring alignment with our city’s new direction. As this process progresses, both the City Council and our community will be kept informed. Our goal is to nominate a new City Attorney by the end of the year.

Please join me in thanking Mr. Gullo for his years of service as we wish him luck on his future endeavors.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we steadfastly work towards building a better Taneytown for everyone.

Mayor Christopher G. Miller


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Honestly many County Commissioner and the various City Council meetings are not fun to watch. They are important but many of the meetings are dry and not something that many residents watch on a regular basis (based on the number of online views).

The interaction between Taneytown Mayor Christopher Miller and various Taneytown Councilmembers (especially Councilwoman Judith Fuller) on November 13th is pretty interesting (and kind of a must watch) for a public government meeting. Here is that part of the meeting from the 13th:

Note: I have queued up this video at the 11:16 mark…the discussion continues through the 55:57 mark of the video. I know this is a bit long but well worth a watch.


Opinion / Commentary: I honestly do not watch a lot of Taneytown “Mayor & City Council Meetings”…but if they are regularly like what we saw on November 13th….they may be something to watch going forward. The infighting we saw on the 13th ranks up there with any number of “Reality Shows” on TV today.

When time allows I will look to put together a shorter version of the video above with highlights from the discussion (that will be a much easier to watch in one sitting for followers).

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