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Berney Flowers looks to enter Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District race in 2024


It appears as if Berney Flowers will be entering the race for Congress in the 3rd District in Maryland.

In a recent post on social media Berney Flowers stated: “…this time, I will run on my home turf, Howard and Anne Arrundel County, Marylands District 3. This time, we will win. I hope you will consider helping. Cheers. b.”

For those keeping track, that district also has a section of south western Carroll County…Maryland’s 3rd congressional district comprises all of Howard county as well as parts of Anne Arundel and Carroll counties.

Another indicator that Berney Flowers is running in 2024 can be found of the Flowers for Maryland campaign website where it states:

“As a military officer and dedicated civil servant, I’ve upheld a long-standing tradition of political neutrality, but I can no longer remain silent in good conscience. Our country is headed in the wrong direction, with cities in disrepair, economic volatility, and uncertainty for hardworking Marylander’s left behind. District 3 has been under the representation of an incumbent who doesn’t reside in it, neglecting pressing issues like crumbling infrastructure, fiscal accountability, and an unfair tax system. As your next congressman, I intend to be the voice for those who feel politically adrift, advocating for efficient government and business-oriented solutions. It’s time to bring about positive change for our community, and to lay out a new vision for Maryland’s third congressional district.”

As of this article Berney Flowers has not filed his paperwork to run for this office (actually, no candidates have filed to run in District 3 at this time – the candidate filing deadline is February 9, 2024): https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2024/Primary_candidates/gen_cand_lists_2024_3_3.html.

The seat (Congressional District 3) is currently represented by John Sarbanes, a Democrat.

Berney Flowers ran for Congress in District 2 in the 2022 election cycle coming in 4th during that Republican Primary.

The Observer will be watching Congressional Districts 2 and 3 during the 2024 election cycle for the followers of this entity.

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