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Statement from Carroll County BOE member Steve Whisler about the 50+ books submitted for review in CCPS


Carroll County Board of Education member Steve Whisler posted the following statement on the morning of September 14th:

Lots of testimony, emails, and discussion behind 50+ books submitted for review in CCPS. My personal thoughts after CCPS staff determined that four of five books were deemed inappropriate for students …

It’s unfortunate that some in our community use hyperbole and exaggeration to misinform the public.

I reached out to ten individuals that wanted CCPS to retain materials. Only three lived in Carroll … and eight of them didn’t realize the materials in question contain explicit sexual text and graphics.

They lacked context … and regretted taking their initial position of allowing kids access to the materials.
Abraham Lincoln said it best … You can fool some of the people all the time, all of them some of the time, but not all of them all of the time.

For me, the issues are two-fold: whether materials in CCPS offer academic relevance and following federal and state laws to restrict sexually explicit content to minors.

Offering explicit sexual content to minors is a violation of state and federal law. Period. Four of the books in question should have NEVER been ordered with taxpayer funds for public school use.

I sincerely question the judgment and integrity of any academic professional in a K thru 12 setting who wants to push these materials on students.

We will get our act together in CCPS and do better for parents. We must restore confidence that our schools are focused on academics — not sexualizing students and sacrificing their innocence.


See the posting of the statement here:


The Carroll County Observer has started a video series from testimony provided on September 13th before the Carroll County Board of Education. You can view the first video here:

New videos will be released daily over the next week or so on the following social media channels:

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