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Hampstead Man Sentenced To 20 Years For Distribution Of Child Pornography


On Wednesday August 2, 2023, Judge Brian L. DeLeonardo sentenced William Charles Toomey, 38 years of age, to twenty years to be served at the Department of Corrections for three counts of Distribution of Child Pornography.  On February 13, 2023, Toomey entered an Alford plea, where he maintained his innocence but acknowledged there was enough evidence to convict him, of one count of Distribution of Child Pornography in each case. He was held at the Carroll County Detention Center pending sentencing which occurred on August 2nd.  Judge DeLeonardo imposed the maximum sentence of ten years in one case, ten years consecutive in the second case, and another ten years suspended followed by five years of supervised probation in the third case.  Toomey must register as a Tier II Offender for twenty-five years with the Sex Offender Registry.  As he sentenced Toomey, Judge DeLeonardo stated “This is unlike anything that I have seen before,” referring to the egregious facts of the offenses.

These three cases came out of a lengthy investigation that started in March of 2021 and was conducted by Detective Jill (Moore) Bankard of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.    Over the next several months, search warrants were executed at Toomey’s Hampstead home, on his vehicle, on several of his digital media devices, and numerous social medial platforms.  Detective Bankard spent countless hours reviewing the evidence in this case, resulting in Toomey being charged under three separate felony indictments – one charged him with Distribution of Child Pornography images on the KIK app, the second involved him being charged with soliciting a fifteen and a seventeen-year-old minor to send him images of Child Pornography in exchange for alcohol, and then distributing those images to someone else on social media, and the third case charged him with Distribution of Child Pornography for sending someone else a link that contained files stored in a cloud account.  The link contained almost two hundred images of child sexual abuse material, some of which included toddlers and infants; Toomey sent this link to for the purpose of watching the images while meeting the adult to engage in sexual acts.

This investigation and prosecution of this case was a combined effort of the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office Special Victims Unit, members of the Carroll County Advocacy Center and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department.   “These days, child predators don’t have to leave their own living rooms to harm our children but can use the internet to hunt for their victims,” exclaimed Carroll County States Attorney Haven Shoemaker, “but make no mistake, we in law enforcement will adapt and use any and all means to bring villains like Toomey to justice.”


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