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Some 8th grade students at Sykesville Middle School have to take additional MCAP tests due to an error by the school


The Observer was forwarded the following email from the Principal at Sykesville Middle School in Carroll County:

Dear 8th Grade Family,

I am writing to inform you of an error our State Testing Coordination Team has created and how we plan to fix the error.

All of our 8th grade students recently completed the 8th Grade Mathematics MCAP.  Unfortunately, students who are currently enrolled in Honors Algebra I should have taken the Algebra I MCAP.  This test is part of the Maryland State graduation requirement, meaning students will need to take this test before the state testing window closes.

In order to remedy this error, students who are enrolled in Honors Algebra I will take the Algebra I MCAP on Wednesday May 17 and Thursday May 18, 2023.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience,

Mr. Brilhart, Principal

I have confirmed with CCPS that this was an error by the school and that the students are required to take the correct MCAP test in order to graduate (as noted above in the email to parents)

Opinion: I would bet there are a bunch of 8th grade middle school students in Honors Algebra I at Sykesville Middle School that are not thrilled with this news.

If more information is obtained on this situation the Observer will update our followers.


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