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Weekly Gas Price Tracker for Carroll County Maryland on May 6, 2023


Gas prices have continued to decrease in Carroll County and today (May 6th) the average price of Gas in Carroll County is $3.365 per gallon. This is $0.060 lower than a week ago.

Gas prices in Carroll County hit a high in 2023 of $3.603 on April 19th.

Here is a daily look at gas prices in Carroll County and Maryland over the past week:

Date Carroll County Maryland
4/30 3.43 3.496
5/1 3.419 3.491
5/2 3.401 3.475
5/3 3.398 3.466
5/4 3.38 3.452
5/5 3.363 3.438
5/6 3.365 3.431

Here is a look at the weekly tracking of the price of gas in Carroll County since restarting the gas price tracker:

  • April 15th: $3.580
  • April 22nd: $3.581
  • April 29th: $3.452
  • May 9th: $3.365

The jurisdiction with the highest average price of gas today in Maryland is in Montgomery County at $3.601. The lowest average price of gas in Maryland is in Talbot County at $3.262.

Maryland ranks 27th in average gas price in the United States (last week we ranked 23rd). The highest price is in California at $4.826:  https://gasprices.aaa.com/state-gas-price-averages/

The Observer will publish the “Carroll County Gas Price Tracker” weekly with the information above and additional information of interest on this topic. The Gas Price Tracker will remain active as long as average price remains above $3.50 per gallon in the county and across the state.

Note – Daily tracking of gas prices will be paused in Carroll County as prices have dropped below $3.50 per gallon for more than a week. Weekly tracking will continue for now and weekly numbers will continued to be published each weekend.


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