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Average price of gas in Carroll County tops $3.60 per gallon on April 19th


According to the AAA website the average price of gas is now just over $3.60 per gallon ($3.603) in Carroll County on April 19th.

Gas prices in Maryland and Carroll County have been on the rise for a little bit and The Observer has restarted our weekly tracking of gas prices.

Here is a look at local gas prices in Finksburg – Gamber area of the county on April 18th ($3.57 at Carroll Motor Fuels and $3.59 at Royal Farms)

Here is a recent look at gas price changes in Carroll County and Maryland over the past few days per the AAA website:

Date Carroll County Maryland
4/16 3.582 3.615
4/17 3.579 3.616
4/18 3.595 3.619
4/19 3.603 3.622

Historically, retail gasoline prices tend to gradually rise in the spring and peak in late summer when people drive more frequently. Gasoline prices are generally lower in winter months.

For some recent history…here is a look at average gas prices in Maryland over the past 18 months (via Gas Buddy):

Keep track of local gas prices here on The Observer website and The Observer social media channels with out weekly tracking article each Saturday (while prices remain above $3.50 per gallon).

Other recent news about gas prices:

This information from earlier this month is likely bad news for gas prices this Spring/Summer

On the upside…we do not live in California

Gas prices are at their highest level in 2023 (so far)…the question now is how much higher will they go up over the next few months.

Reminder…gas prices not only hit you directly when you fill up your vehicle…but these rising prices will also be felt by you for products and services you purchase (as if things were not bad enough already for the consumers).

Stay tuned…The Observer will continue to keep a close eye on local gas prices going forward for a while here on this site.

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