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Republicans in the US Senate battle over TikTok Ban on March 29th


Here is a good summary of what happened in the U.S. Senate on March 29th in regards to a TikTok Ban proposed by Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri):


#tiktokban Senator just trued to ram a TikTok ban through the Senate. It failed but we just learned A LOT

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Here is a more detailed video on the debate between Senators Hawley and Rand Paul (Kentucky): Rand Paul Blocks Josh Hawley’s Bill Banning TikTok, Then Hawley Responds

Here is what was said by Senator Macro Rubio (Florida): ‘This Is Not A First Amendment Issue’: Marco Rubio Makes Case To Ban TikTok

Additional discussion: Josh Hawley And Rand Paul Escalate Shocking Senate Floor Clash Over Proposed TikTok Ban


Senator Rand Paul likely made 150+ million users on TikTok very happy while Senators Hawley and Rubio likely upset those same users of the TikTok app.

The Carroll County Observer uses TikTok to inform followers about local issues in the county. The Observer hopes the elected officials choose to do the right thing and not ban that app.

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