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TikTok users are not happy about a potential ban or restrictions


As the discussion about a ban (or restrictions) on TikTok continues I thought this would be something worth sharing (before the  Government “potentially” shuts down the app in America). These are all videos from TikTok (and you do not even have to be a user on the app to watch these here in the article):

Let’s start with comments from the CEO of TikTok


Our CEO Shou shares his thoughts about the recent congressional hearing and everything TikTok is doing to make it a safe place to connect, create, share and learn.

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Next…let’s hear from users on TikTok…now before you go forward…some of the content would be considered Not Safe For Work (NSFW)…so be sure to listen to the videos below in appropriate locations.


TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew FIGHTS TO PREVENT TIKTOK BAN #savetiktok #tiktok #court #spying #nationalsecurity

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Anyway, follow me on IG, same username 🤷‍♀️

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#duet with @WithHopeandCoffee Dani All electronics are tracking us. This one is just not controlled by the cabal as easily #tiktok #fypシ

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This post is for the 150 million American’s on this app. We’re in this together. 🇺🇸 #tiktokban

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#restrictact #tiktokban #capcut IF congress passes the Restrict Acf, there could be trouble for other apps. Including ByteDance’s other popular app.

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Aging myself by talking about MySpace #usa #congress #tiktok #tiktokban #stoptiktokban #savetiktok #savetiktok2023

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Something must be done!! #fyp #tiktokhearing #fypシ #facebook #congress #fypシ゚viral #republican #liberal

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Don’t get me started with trying to rope “keeping kids from spending too much time online” into this, too. Somehow, we suddenly care about parenting this nation’s children instead of lining the pockets of US corporations. Get bent. Every shred of information China has as a result of Americans using Tiktok is information we also have on China thanks to their citizens utilizing Meta apps. #tiktokban #fyp #usa #legislation

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Do this and its over in a week #pilotsoftiktok #aviationdaily #savetiktok #keeptiktok

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I don’t say this to monger fear or despair, just to make a point! I’ve seen too many people asking why and trying to make sense of the proposed ban or refute it using logic. The people saying it’s about security are lying. Pure and simple. The only good reason for the US to ban TikTok is to regain control of public discourse and information sharing. We need to fight back. #americanrevolution #tiktokban #politics #conspiracy #onepercent

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Some of those videos were informative…some were funny…and just know that there are many, many, many similar examples on TikTok and other platforms on this topic. It is not hard to find at all.

My opinion on this issue:

Look, if Government wants to ban TikTok on government-owned devices or if companies want to ban TikTok on company-owned devices…that is fine. But a total ban of the platform in our country would just be wrong.

Is the issue really about cybersecurity? Is the issue about other powerful entities upset at how many people are on this app today (and spending less time and money on their platforms)? Is the issue about the CONTROL of information?

If nothing else…there are a great number of questions that many of us have as part of this discussion.

Around 150 million American’s on TikTok. 154.6 million voters turned out for the presidential election in 2020. If a ban does happen in the future, I would bet there will be backlash in the next round of elections from the people that use this platform for communication, news and enjoyment.

What do you think?

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