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Recent News From Around Carroll County Maryland – March 1, 2023


Below are some items of interest from around Carroll County, Maryland over the past 24 hours on March 1st. This is a collection of articles and posts from various sources in the county. The Observers checks Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to share items of interest for the community.

Here is some information from the Community meeting last night…sorry I could not make it…I had a previously planned activity on my calendar. Glad to see so many people show up and at least 1 major media outlet cover the meeting (see below)

From the Town of Mount Airy Facebook page: 2nd Citizens Nomination Meeting 2-28-2023.

Once the candidates names are posted online I will be sure to publish that information on the CCO social media channels.

Noted in the Maryland Matters article below: “As officials at the state and local level scramble to meet Maryland’s ambitious goals for combating climate change, expanding the use of solar energy is clearly a key part of the solution. But emotional and politically charged debates abound over where to place large solar arrays. Right now, for example, in Carroll County, the Board of County Commissioners is contemplating a six-month moratorium on large-scale solar development, as vocal critics fume over five proposals for solar farms on agricultural land.

Schools can be part of the solution.”

Read more:


Some state or national news of interest:

From State Senator Ready: Busy week underway – live update


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