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2022 Carroll County Board of Education race update after the first mail in ballot canvass


The first mail in ballot canvassing session is complete and we now have an update to the race for Board of Education in Carroll County in 2022. Here are the latest totals:

Placing the candidates in order as of right now:

  • Tara Battaglia: 32,461
  • Steve Whisler: 30,806
  • Jim Miller: 27,827
  • Patricia Ann Dorsey: 27,716
  • Amanda Jozkowski: 25,797
  • Tom Scanlan: 23,593

It was reported to The Observer 10,558 ballots were counted on November 10th during the first mail in ballot canvass (although I have not seen this number official posted by the Carroll County Board of Elections – that should be updated here later this morning).

If that number is correct (and I will update this article later this morning) that means there are somewhere around  3,200 mail in ballots to canvass plus nearly 900 provisional ballots to canvass as of today. More mail in ballots are expected to be delivered before November 18th (the second and final mail in ballot canvass date).

Reminder that the top three candidates will be elected to the Board this election cycle. If the numbers above and the numbers in the 2022 Primary hold true (because they are very similar from a % stand point) here is my updated prediction for this race:

  1. Battaglia
  2. Whisler
  3. Dorsey
  4. Miller
  5. Jozkowski
  6. Scanlan

Know that the above is my “prediction” and the remaining mail in ballots and provisional ballots could confirm that prediction or could significantly change it depending on the results.

For my readers that like math…here is a look at the % of mail in votes (working on the premise that the 10,588 mail in ballots canvassed number is correct) that each candidate received with the first mail in canvass:

  1. Dorsey: 57.7% (6,096 votes)
  2. Jozkowski: 52.8% (5,573 votes)
  3. Scanlan: 48.9% (5,163 votes)
  4. Battaglia: 28.8% (3,042 votes)
  5. Whisler: 26.2% (2,761 votes)
  6. Miller: 20.2% (2,133 votes)

If you go back to the 2022 Primary there were 9,747 mail in ballots canvassed and 643 provisional ballots in Carroll County (so a total of 10,390 votes that were to be canvassed). Here was a breakdown of % on mail in and provisional votes each candidate received:

  1. Dorsey 58.0% (6,029 votes)
  2. Jozkowski 51.3% (5,329 votes)
  3. Scanlan: 49.9% (5,188 votes)
  4. Battaglia: 25.4% (2,634 votes)
  5. Whisler: 23.7% (2,461 votes)
  6. Miller: 18.2% (1,887 votes)

As you can see the numbers (right now) are tracking very similar between the 2022 Primary Election and the 2022 General Election for these candidates when it comes to mail in voting.

Remaining activities:

  • Provisional Ballot Canvass will be held on Wednesday, November 16 beginning at 10 a.m. in the Robert Moton Gym – 300 S Center St. Westminster, MD 21157
  • Mail-In Ballot Canvass will be held on Friday, November 18 beginning at 10 a.m in the Robert Moton Gym – 300 S Center St. Westminster, MD 21157

The Observer will continue to track incoming mail in ballots returned and the updated results after Provisional and Mail In Ballot canvassing.  Be sure to follow The Observer on Facebook for the latest updates:  https://www.facebook.com/CarrollObserver

See all results for the 2022 General Election in Carroll County here: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2022/general_results/gen_results_2022_by_county_7.html

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