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Scott E’s Blog wins 4th consecutive Best Blog in Howard County in 2022


I know…not Carroll County news related…but this entity is kind of a spin off of what Scott E had been doing in Howard County for more than 8+ years. I thought is was worth a mention here on this entity.

I want to start of this post by saying THANK YOU to all the voters in Howard County that voted for Scott E’s Blog for the BEST BLOG in Howard County….for the 4th consecutive year.

According to the Baltimore Sun / Howard County Times / Howard Magazine “More than 34,500 votes were cast in this year’s readers’ poll, culling a list of the 74 top people to know, places to go and things to do.”

Under Personalities: Blog

Blog: Scott E’s Blog

Honorable mentions:

  • Village Green/Town Square
  • Howard County Progress Report

This will be the final year for Scott E’s Blog to win this award as the Blog site has been retired and the Blog social accounts are scheduled to close at the end of the year. Again, Thanks to all of the family, friends, supporters, and readers that have enjoyed the information I shared for Howard County over the years. This win again in this category is special and I really appreciate all of the support you all have provided over the years.

Other winners included:

Elected official: Calvin Ball, County Executive

Honorable mentions:

  • David Yungmann, Howard County Council, District 5
  • Liz Walsh, Howard County Council, District 1
  • Deb Jung, Howard County Council, District 4

Doggie day care: Wagging Lounge Dog Resort

Honorable mentions:

  • Countryside Veterinary Clinic
  • Camp Bow Wow
  • The Coventry School Inc.

Clergyperson: The Rev. Paige Getty, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia

Honorable mentions:

  • Fr. Michael DeAscanis St. Louis Parish
  • The Rev. Mitchell Lee, Grace Community Church

You can see the full list of winners here: https://www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/howard/howard-magazine/bs-mg-ho-best-of-2021-20221027-a6ynq22xabhstlt6wxa7e6intu-story.html

I thought I would put together a little history of the winners of “Best Blog” in the annual Best of Howard County Awards. Here is what I was able to find:

2011: HoCo Rising
Honorable Mention: HowChow

2012: HowChow
Honorable Mention: HoCo Rising, Pawsitive Outlook, Tale of Two Cities

2013: HowChow
Honorable Mention: Tales of Two Cities, HoCo Rising, UK Desperate Housewife USA, Well & Wise

2014: HowChow
Honorable Mention: HoCo Rising, Tales of Two Cities, UK Desperate Housewife USA

2015: HowChow
Honorable Mention: HoCo Rising, UK Desperate Housewife USA, The Unmanly Chef

2016: HoCo Rising
Honorable Mention: The Unmanly Chef, Pilates, Pearls, and Peanut Butter, Village Green/Town Squared

2017: HoCo Rising
Honorable Mention: Village Green/Town Squared, Pilates, Pearls, and Peanut Butter, Dr. Chao Wu

2018: Village Green/Town Squared
Honorable Mention: Scott E Blog, The Unmanly Chef, Warren’s Beer Adventures

2019: Scott E’s Blog
Honorable Mention: predupre.com, Village Green/Town², Elevate Maryland

2020: Scott E’s Blog
Honorable Mention: HoCo Progress Report, Just in Weather, Justin Berk, The Merriweather Post

2021: Scott E’s Blog
Honorable Mention: Merriweather Post, Howard County Progress Report, Kenwood Care

2022: Scott E’s Blog
Honorable Mention: Village Green/Town Square, Howard County Progress Report

2023 UPDATE:

2023: Justin Berk Meteorologist
Honorable Mention: The Merriweather Post, HoCo WatchDogs, Scott E’s Blog

Thanks to EVERYONE that voted for the Blog for a 4th consecutive “Best Blog” in Howard County. I appreciate it so much.

That entity (Scott E’s Blog) website is “retired” and this entity (Carroll County Observer) is now the entity that I share information to the community. I hope to provide the same (if not better) quality of information to the community today.

Thanks again.

Scott E

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