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Reader Commentary | About the Carroll County Board of Education race in 2022


Note: The following information is from a reader of the Carroll County Observer. All information in the article is the opinion of the writer and not the Carroll County Observer.

In Carroll County, most local races have already been decided and Republicans have won all the elections.  There is a reason for that.  In Carroll County, about 50% of the voters are Republican, 27% are Democrat and 23% are Unaffiliated/Other Party.  These are rough numbers, but they adequately tell the story.  In addition, of the Unaffiliated voters, a high percentage leans Center Right. That’s why Governor Hogan easily carried Carroll County in the past several elections.

In Carroll County, Republicans are the clear majority, and we as a County are all the better for it.  We have reasonable taxes, great schools, and a safe community. These are all things our community holds dear. We as a community reject the failed policies of Joe Biden and other Democrats.  We reject defunding the police, we reject the lies and misinformation, we reject the weakening of our economy, and we reject the weakening of our schools due to closures.

However, there is one political race that is coming up that does not show the political affiliation of the candidates and that is the race for Board of Education. Under Maryland law, there is no R or D next to the candidates’ name, to help the voter understand who and what they are voting for. There are important contrasts between a Republican and a Democrat, especially when it comes to educational policy. By not knowing the background of the candidates folks are voting for, Carroll County voters could unknowingly be voting in candidates that support failed Biden policies.

In the upcoming election, there are three conservative candidates. They are Tara Battaglia, James Miller and Steve Whisler.  The other three candidates are liberals.  The liberal candidates know the demographics as well and, during the Primary, they switched their Party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.  Now, we should all welcome those who want to switch from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party, because the benefits of solid, well thought out conservative policy are clear. However, these liberal BOE candidates switched parties in order to deceive voters in Carroll County.  During the primary election, they told voters at the polls that they were registered Republicans, which was factually correct, but the intent is what’s important here. The intent was to mislead voters simply to win votes.

It’s one thing to change your party affiliation for the primaries to vote for the wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s another thing to change your party affiliation to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. To deliberately deceive constituents. It seems that both of these statements are true for the liberals running for BOE.

When it comes down to it, the key takeaway is that these candidates cannot be trusted. They changed their party from Democrat to Republican just before the Primary in order to deceive Carroll County voters.  In fact, they have recently switched again to Unaffiliated. If you cannot trust them to tell you their true positions, you simply cannot trust them with your vote.  I urge voters in Carroll County to vote for candidates they can trust.  I urge voters in Carroll County to vote for Tara Battaglia, James Miller and Steve Whisler, because you can trust them to do the right thing for our kids and Carroll County.

Caitlin Edmondson – Hampstead, MD

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