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Voter turnout in Carroll County for the 2022 Primary reported near 29%


Carroll County Board of Elections has released some great voter data for the 2022 Primary. Here are some of the items that caught my eye:

Registered Voters: 127,032

  • Republican: 63,517 (50.0%)
  • Democratic: 33,407 (26.3%)
  • Non-Partisan: 30,108 (23.7%)

Ballots cast in the 2022 Primary: 36,718 (28.9% voter turnout)

  • Republican: 21,573 (33.96% voter turnout)
  • Democratic: 12,130 (36.31% voter turnout)
  • Non-Partisan: 3,015 (10.01% voter turnout)
  • Blank: 31

You can get much more information here: https://elections.carrollcountymd.gov/electionResults.aspx

Looking at the Carroll County voter turnout in past Gubernatorial Primary Elections:

2018 Primary total turnout percent: 18.29%

  • Republican voter turnout: 23.82%
  • Democratic voter turnout: 18.09%
  • Non-Partisan voter turnout: 3.60%

2014 Primary total turnout percent: 25.32%

2010 Primary total turnout percent: 31.37%

Note: All in all 2022 had a very good voter turnout in the Primary. It will be interesting to see if turnout remains high in the General Election. Many local races ended in the Primary so will the local races of interest remaining (Commissioner District 3 and Board of Education) or some of the other races of interest bring out voters in late October and November?

Interested in learning more about the local races in Carroll County that happened in the 2022 Primary? Be sure to tune into the Carroll County 2022 Primary Election Recap Show on August 3rd at 8:00pm: Co-hosted by Ethan Reese (Maryland Muckraker) and Scott Ewart (Carroll County Observer).


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