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Candidate Campaign Finance Reports – June 2022 | Carroll County Commissioner District 4


The Carroll County Observer continues the reporting of candidate campaign finance reports from local candidates. Today I have for you the latest campaign finance reports for candidates running for Carroll County Commissioner in District 4.

Here is a high level overview of the Pre-Primary 1 reports filed in June 2022:

Here are some specifics for each candidate:

Michael R. Guerin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/159tW-g3aN7xGHLaoWQR4yk0RwzKu_Kef/view?usp=sharing

Carl Keener: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zv1Wfu9FTqqauNArQkWtdMDXQ5fvHuTv/view?usp=sharing

Some interesting facts in the reports:

Michael Guerin is the only candidate in this race raising or spending money per the latest campaign finance reports.

Learn more about the candidates:

2022 Carroll County Voter’s Guide – Commissioner District 4

There is not a scheduled forum for this race at this time. My discussion with folks at the Community Media Center revealed that they have attempted to setup a forum but Carl Keener has not been responsive to date.

Carl Keener has also not been responsive to The Observer requests for candidate information (as you can see in the Voter’s Guide above).

The Carroll County Observer will be releasing the Carroll County Commissioner District 5 candidate campaign finance reports on Monday morning (taking the day off tomorrow for Father’s Day).

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