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Governor Hogan calls on Comptroller Peter Franchot to take steps to minimize the impact of this summer’s legislative gas tax increase


If you think gas prices in Maryland are bad now…just wait. According to WBAL  (Article here):

  • Franchot notes without that action, the gas tax would go up from 36 to 43 cents a gallon.
  • Under legislation passed by the General Assembly in 2013, the comptroller announces gas tax increases on or before June 1 of each year that are set to take effect on July 1. The tax increase is calculated by the Comptroller’s Office.

Read the full article here: https://www.wbal.com/article/567618/53/hogan-calls-on-franchot-to-help-reduce-gas-prices-in-a-letter-franchot-responds

Here are the letters sent from Governor Hogan and Peter Franchot:

From Governor Hogan:

Response from Comptroller Peter Franchot:

According to AAA the average gas price in Maryland (for Regular gas) on May 24th is $4.609 and in Carroll County it is $4.574.

Writer Opinion:

I am going to be honest here with my readers…if these two elected officials in Maryland can not sit down in person and discuss this issue and figure it out this is all (these letters to each other about the gas tax) just political theater for the public and news outlets.

I also believe that this is a crisis that needs to be addressed and not blown off as just the cost of living at this point. Maryland has the opportunity to help residents. Now the question is: will the elected officials go down that path or just let the gas prices continue to hurt residents of this state in the cost of transportation and the cost of products and services.

Also remember all of the elected officials that voted NO on extending the gas tax holiday. There was already an opportunity to help residents of this state that was ignored by elected officials in Annapolis.

It amazes me that this is happening in an election year when so many currently elected officials are looking to be re-elected. If this gas crisis continues you can bet this will affect the Primary Elections (my best guess).

Delegate Reid Novotny (District 9A) posted this video on May 23rd on this issue:

Delegate Novotny is running for State Senate in District 9 in 2022. A review of his opponents Twitter feed (State Senator Katie Fry Hester) does not mention gas prices in any recent tweets to followers.

Are your elected officials talking about the gas crisis in Maryland?

Have thoughts…let me know in the comments (here on the site or on social media).

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